How to Take Care of Agricultural Machines

By  //  December 16, 2020

Agricultural machinery is the equipment that is used seasonally. This type of machinery includes combines, tractors, mowers, as well as trailed and processing elements. How to take care of them and how to do it cheaper? About the basic rules of preventive maintenance and timely repair — read below.

Basic Maintenance Rules for Agricultural Machines

The sowing and harvesting period is not the time for preventive measures: during this time, the equipment is repaired only for urgent needs. This is due to the strict schedule of sowing and harvesting, which makes the repair almost impossible.

However, during the off-season periods, every farmer who wants to save money on the repair must prepare the equipment for the downtime in the winter season.

Knowing the tractor specifications is a must-do if you are going to perform the following maintenance tasks yourself:

1. All parts must be lubricated: in winter, there is a high probability of corrosion on metal parts. Immediately after the equipment has completed its seasonal work, all details must be thoroughly lubricated.

2. Moisture must be removed from the air ducts to ensure the safety of the engine. It is also recommended to loosen the belts. At zero temperatures, the rubber material loses its elastic qualities. As a result, the wheels of agricultural machinery begin to deform.

3. Remove the battery. Batteries are discharged or even break in winter. Therefore, it will be cheaper to move the battery to a warmer and drier place than a cold garage or open shed.

4. A specially equipped room is considered the best place for storing agricultural machinery. Unfortunately, not everyone has such an opportunity. Therefore, the cabin canopy on your expensive John Deere tractor begins to fade under the influence of direct sunlight. After some time you might have to get a new John Deere tractor canopy, and maybe instal an awing so it doesn’t happen again.

5. Change filters and oils from time to time. Leaving your machines without proper care for the whole winter is a huge mistake. From time to time, it is necessary to start the engine and warm up the machine so that all parts are lubricated again. Oils and lubricants need to be changed several times during the winter.

If you do everything right, the agricultural equipment will work properly after wintering. Particular attention should be paid to the materials. You should not buy oils and lubricants from unknown manufacturers or from those whose products are much cheaper than market prices.

The performance and durability of most parts directly depend on the quality of the materials. Therefore, it will be cheaper to take care of them with good lubricants and oils than to replace the main parts, which are usually ten times more expensive.

In Conclusion

All the above recommendations should be followed to keep agricultural machinery in excellent condition. It is necessary to properly care for the machines, as well as their extra equipment on time. It is the only way to avoid costly repairs in the future.