If You Decide to Use a New Currency Then Credit Suisse’s Jonathan Dove is Against It; Wait for December

By  //  December 21, 2020

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It is necessary to note and record the annual indicators of market growth. Jonathan Golub says that all the top indicators can be shaken now. He comments it this way: “If you are the one who just brought in a lot of money … maybe [wait] before the inauguration.”

Dove is concerned about the spread of the coronavirus and the imposed quarantine at the moment.

“They represent a nice headwind for things like Christmas sales, which are really important,” he said. “In addition, against this background, we are starting to see a slight increase in the number of applications for unemployment benefits.”

And for example, with Forex, you can get around everything much easier. The pandemic does not affect the game in any way. You only have the bet value and the expectation of success. Forex brokers of United States will complete the case.

Mr. Golub is confident that the United States will not suffer from the virus in January, as there will already be vaccines. And the situation will also improve when the new head of state finally takes over as president. These changes will be the foundation for continued market growth.

Next year’s target for the S&P 500 is 4050. This suggests a 10% jump from last week’s numbers. This growth also means that the Nasdaq will relentlessly rise and exceed its highs in 2021. It is clear that the position of the securities is rather precarious. The root cause voiced by Mr. Golub is that the world is not paying enough attention to the problem and has seen the fall.

Forex as an assistant

The concept and growth of the S&P 500 Index is not just an achievable goal, but a reality. The main thing is to correctly navigate the forecasts. You can bet on a decrease or increase with the USA Forex brokers. In this case, earnings do not depend on the economy; it may even be higher during peak ups and downs.