Plan Your Trip to South America During COVID

By  //  December 7, 2020

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Many parts of the world still allow tourism during the pandemic. You can find many outdoor activities in South America. The Galapagos Islands offer beautiful scenery, exotic wildlife,  and tourist activities with strict sanitation and distancing rules.

Even with protocols in place, you should prepare for delays and last-minute changes. Professionals at a travel company can help you plan your trip. When you purchase a package through an agency, you may also have better options to rebook if COVID restrictions interrupt your vacation plans.

Work with a Travel Site

When you begin to plan your vacation, look at travel packages online. A site like Voyagers Travel Company can work with your schedule and budget. You can also save money on all-inclusive travel packages. When you plan a trip on your own, you must make each reservation separately.

You may spend hours on the computer or phone trying to find the best prices for airfare, accommodations, and activities. During COVID, travel accessibility may change suddenly. Many travel sites offer rebooking options to manage the uncertainty of the pandemic.

Check Updates Daily

Once you make your vacation plans, stay informed about travel restrictions. You can check with your travel agency and on websites about the country you plan to visit. You need to know if borders close due to COVID, or if testing requirements change.

Some countries require a quarantine period for all visitors. This may not work for a short vacation. Some countries give you an option to have a specialized COVID test before traveling.

You may need to have this within a specific time frame to avoid quarantine. You can also find out if the accessibility or rules for your tourist activities have changed.


Adjust your expectations to avoid disappointment. Travel and social outings may remain different for several more months. Tourist venues may limit the number of people during operating hours. You can also expect to stop regularly for sanitizing and taking temperatures.

You may also need to wait longer for the activities you want to do. Less people in venues means you must wait your turn. Your travel agency can help you plan activities before you leave for your vacation. Think about a backup plan in case your venues close down for COVID complications.

Research Tourist Activity Protocol

You may need to purchase proper masks and sanitizer to get through the days during your vacation. Most countries have mask requirements and social distancing rules in place. You can avoid confusion by researching each location you plan to visit.

Check on the rules for your hotel and transportation, as well. You may need documentation to enter Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. If you travel with family or friends, prepare to stay with your travel group when you stop for health screening and questionnaires.

Find Activities with Less Risk

It is essential to practice safety while enjoying your vacation. You can make changes to your schedule to help minimize risk. Consider picking up food for takeout or sitting outside, for example. Most venues limit the number of people that can attend indoor activities.

Even with social distancing, outdoor activities carry less risk. In the Galapagos Islands, you can find plenty of outdoor activities, including many local wildlife experiences. Some venues may remain less crowded on specific days of the week or time of day, as well.

You can still visit South America during the pandemic, however, expect some big changes during your trip. Look at the websites for all the places you plan to visit to prepare properly.

You may need to take plenty of masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes. Research the proper documentation and COVID testing requirements, as well.  Contact a travel company today to purchase flexible vacation packages.