Problems Car Owners Face While Selling a Used Car

By  //  December 24, 2020

Cars are very close to the heart of their owners. Some use them merely as a means of commute, while for some, cars are a lifetime interest. It is said that “maintaining a car is harder than buying one.” Yes, it is true, but selling a car can be even more challenging on many occasions.

If you live in Australia and are looking to sell your car without hassle, then service providers like Cash for Cars Perth will make your car selling process as easy as ABC! However, if you belong to other regions, you might have to face a lot of aggravation while selling old used cars at a fair price.

It is always hard to separate from something you love. At the same time, when it comes to a car sale, owners want a maximum selling price offered for their car. Simultaneously, the annoying process of selling the vehicle demands abundant effort to get your car sold at a reasonable price. Fortunately, there are companies such as We Buy Exotics which can help take the hassle out of selling a car. Typically, a car seller is expected to face the hurdles listed below:

Determining the Worth of your Car

The foremost question for a used car owner is to set an appropriate demand for the car. While setting a demand, the following factors need to be considered:

■ The current market worth your car

■ It’s Mileage

■ Registration Status

■ Interior, Exterior, and Mechanical Condition

However, for most of us, it is tough to judge the car’s fair value.

Reaching the ‘Right Buyer’

To get the best price for your car and to hasten the selling process, it is essential to figure out who would be interested in buying your car. It could either be someone in your vicinity, from the family or even a stranger searching out for a car just like yours.

However, as far as selling your car to close friends or family is concerned, this may not be the right option. Generally, most people end up selling their cars in the loss while offering considerable discounts to their relatives as a goodwill gesture.

The next, or rather a more reasonable option, is to reach online portals or established car dealers for selling the car. But again, this comes at a price. Most car dealers charge a hefty amount on sale as commission for acting as an intermediary while selling the car. 

Dealing with the buyer

It is expected that buyers will flood in to show interest as soon as you open your car for sale in the market. Many of whom will be investors and time-wasters showing interest without enough financial back-up. Each time you will have to start from zero while dealing with every new buyer; you never know if it is a genuine buyer.


Albeit the process of selling your car is associated with days of toil and exertion, the way you deal and other factors linked with the car have a lot to do with deciding the price you get. Owing to this hectic process, many car owners have started hiring the service of companies that come to your doorstep, evaluate the car on the spot, and pay a reasonable market price for the vehicle.