The Best Ways to Attract Users to Your Websites

By  //  December 7, 2020

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While digital technology has made it much easier for businesses to connect with consumers, its ever-evolving nature also makes it challenging to keep up-to-speed with the latest trends.

This is a particularly pertinent point where online marketing is concerned, with the landscape often shifting wildly from one strategy to another.

However, it is essential not to neglect the core principles that have been proven to work, so read on as we look at some of the best ways to attract users to your websites.

Freebies & Sign-up Offers

Everyone loves a freebie! Many organisations have long used free offers as the primary driver for customer acquisition and retention.

For instance, visit any online casino and you will be given the opportunity to play free casino games or receive a matched bonus if you sign-up for an account.

Free offers effectively provide people with an incentive to embark on a journey that may lead to the spending real money further down the line.

The most important aspect of this type of offer is to ensure it is tailored to the correct demographic, so make sure that you leverage data insights to your advantage.

Ongoing Promotions

An extension of the freebie ethos is to find innovative ways to encourage repeat visits to your sites through ongoing promotions.

Offering discounts on goods or services is a great place to start, while rewarding consumers for hitting specified spending levels has also been proven to work.

Discount coupons on future purchases and VIP schemes are also well worth considering if you want to ensure that your customers are made to feel special.

Even a simple trick such as offering free shipping has been proven to be the difference between securing or losing a valuable sale.

Search Engine Optimisation

Many organisations struggle with the concept of search engine optimisation (SEO) despite it being a practice that can drive significant volumes of traffic to their sites.

To understand how SEO works, it is imperative to get to grips with three core concepts – the quality of traffic, quantity of traffic and organic results.

SEO can take many forms, from making sure that the title tags and meta descriptions are both the right length and informative, to pointing internal links to the correct place.

Search engine algorithms change frequently, so make sure that you keep abreast of the latest developments to maximise your SEO efforts.

Content Marketing

In simple terms, content marketing attracts potential clients to your site by providing them with valuable free content.

It also helps organisations with customer retention by using informative content to maintain brand loyalty over a sustained period.

The idea behind this type of marketing is that a brand must give something valuable away – the content – to receive something in return – a sale.

Content marketing can be delivered in a variety of ways including blogs, infographics, email newsletters, case studies podcasts and much more.

Video Marketing

Another effective way that you can attract users to your site is through video marketing on platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo or Instagram.

Research has shown that video can be a more effective tool than text for delivering key messages, with consumers more likely to engage with visual content.

Online video tutorials, product demonstrations and expert insights are amongst the ways that video can be used effectively in marketing.

Linking all of the videos back to relevant content on your site and vice-versa is a great way to drive traffic and strengthen SEO.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms have been around for a while now, but they remain one of the most important marketing tools in the business.

Building a strong presence on the likes of Facebook and Twitter is an excellent way to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

They provide organisations with the ability to drive traffic to their sites by sharing details of offers, promotions or by showcasing other marketing content.

The analytic tools on social platforms are also extremely useful for gaining in-depth insights into your audience to effectively inform future marketing activities.

Paid Advertising

This may seem like an obvious way to drive traffic to sites, but some organisations are guilty of failing to adequately leverage this to their advantage.

Display advertising, social media ads and paid search campaigns are amongst the ways that you can build your brand and drive traffic to your sites.

Paid advertising does require an element of trial and error during the early stages, with each different type having its own strengths and weaknesses.

You will certainly need to adapt your plan over time, but by analysing data and assessing cumulative trends you should be well on your way to making paid advertising work for your organisation.