Tips for Navigating the Australian Partner Visa Application

By  //  December 8, 2020

Immigrating to Australia is more challenging now than ever. Many complex protocols have been put in place to prevent fraudulent activity and ensure everyone who applies is serious about their efforts and has good intentions. 

The Australian Partner Visa is for people with an Australian spouse or partner who wish to live in the country. Here’s what you need to know about navigating the complex Australian Partner Visa application.

Ensure You Meet the Eligibility Requirements

The first step in navigating this application is determining whether it’s the right visa for you. The basic eligibility for this visa is having an “established relationship” with someone from Australia. Over the years, however, the definition of an established relationship has changed.

If you are married to an Australian citizen or in a de facto (common-law) relationship that has been established for over a year, you may be eligible for this visa.

There are numerous other factors that will impact your eligibility, however, so it’s best to check the Ausdirect Migration checklist to determine what information you need before getting started.

Make Financial Arrangements

As of July 2019, an Australian Partner Visa application’s cost jumped to $7,715 AUD – or, about $5,600 USD. It’s important to note that you can pay that fee the day you become eligible to apply (i.e., when you hit the 12-month mark in a de facto or common-law relationship). You do not need to have all the paperwork ready to pay the fee.

Paying this money right away will help streamline your application and make the long process a little quicker once the paperwork is submitted. In other words, the payment is what places you in the queue for review, rather than the paperwork itself.

If you plan on applying for an Australian Partner Visa, start putting the money together right away so that you can pay it on the day you become eligible. There are also other fees to plan for throughout the process, which you should be ready to pay upon request.

Take Your Time with the Application

The application paperwork is tedious and must be completed meticulously. If you think you’ll be able to sit down and finish it in one evening, think again. It’s better to take your time and ensure everything is completed and correct than to rush through.

If you miss anything or make an error, you can expect the application processing to be delayed by months. As the wait time currently ranges from 18 to 27 months, adding to that can be detrimental to your plans.

Be Honest and Upfront

It’s important that you are honest and up-front every step of the way throughout the application process. If there’s anything in your past that you feel could impact your approval, do not try and keep it quiet.

The issue will inevitably come out, and you’re more likely to be denied for lying on an official document than you are for having a colorful past.

It’s also important to be sure of your answers. There’s no room for best guesses and approximations on your visa application. Double-check the accuracy of your facts and ensure everything is out in the open.

Put Together Excellent Documentation

Documentation is one of the key components of your Partner Visa application. This component also provides proof of your committed relationship. It’s not enough to rely on your Facebook relationship status – you need a variety of documents to prove your sincerity.

The documentation you provide should showcase that you are in a relationship both financially and socially.

Some useful documents could include:

■ Wedding invitations addressed to both of you

■ Leases in both your names

■ Affidavits from family members

■ Proof of shared bank accounts

■ Dated images of you traveling together

You’ll also need to continuously provide updated information throughout the application process to show that your relationship is still intact. That means receipts from your first date that don’t show your names are not a good form of documentation.

Navigating the Australian Partner Visa application process can be challenging. However, getting through it together is the ultimate proof that your relationship is secure and legitimate.