Tips on How To Pick The Right Video Gaming Chair

By  //  December 7, 2020

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Typically, gamers invest a sizeable amount in other things but the right gaming chair. The entire game setup could run into thousands of dollars which often limits how much people can spend on the right gaming chair hence they settle for just any chair.

Unfortunately, in a short time, reality stings like a scorpion when gamers begin to have body pain issues due to a lack of proper support and comfort.

Uncomfortable chairs are some of the leading causes of body pains especially when it comes to long hour usage such as in the case of gaming.

Gamers who understand the importance of investing in the right gaming chair make adequate provision for it when planning their game budget. If you are seeking the right gaming chairs for you, then the following tips are for you.

A comfortable gaming chair helps with muscle memory ergonomics.

Types of gaming chair

The very first thing to consider in the selection of the right gaming chair is the kind of gaming chair you need. The first mistake made by many people is the failure to realize the peculiarities of different kinds of gaming chairs. They include:

PC Gaming Chairs

This kind of gaming chair has similar characteristics to office chairs but typically have better cushioning and adjustment options. They also have additional features such as speakers for a better gaming experience. They are perfect for PC games.

Rocket or Reclining Gaming Chairs

This kind of gaming chair provides an experience similar to that of lounge chairs. Rocker or reclining gaming chairs are usually without wheels and legs hence users are as close to the floor as possible. They are the ideal gaming chairs for console players.

Pedestal Gaming Chairs 

Also known as hybrid chairs, pedestal gaming chairs are a great blend of PC and platform gaming chairs. Some high-end options come with features such as monitors, steering wheel, speakers, etc. These gaming chairs are quite expensive.

The Size of the Chair

Like any other chair, gaming chairs come in different sizes. When choosing the right gaming chair, pay adequate attention to your size relative to the size of the chair. If you are buying the chair at a shop, it is better to try it out and make sure ample space is left for free movements. For online purchases, use the dimensions of a chair you are using to get the right size of gaming chair that deliver comfortable back support with effective ergonomic comfort factors.

Back Support 

One of the most important features of a comfortable gaming chair is adequate back support. Therefore, regardless of the kind or size of the gaming chair that meets your peculiar needs, ensure it has great back support. This includes adequate cushioning or padding as well as proper shaping of the backrest. The backrest must have a great balance of softness and firmness, support the lower back, and be cushy.

Flexibility and Adjustability 

Gaming involves a great level of flexibility and adjustability hence it is important to choose a chair that allows you to move and adjust freely. Some of the parts that often require adjustability are the backrest, armrests, as well as seat height. Choose a gaming chair that lets you take control of these features as much as possible.

Materials Used

This is not limited to the upholstery alone, it extends to every part of the chair such as the base and frame. The quality of the materials used for the frame and base is a key determinant of the durability of the chair and how well it supports you. As for the upholstery, choose what you prefer between fiber and leather, considering their peculiarities. However, ensure you go for quality.


Price is an ever-present consideration when purchasing things that involve sizeable investment. The prices of gaming chairs vary significantly depending on factors such as type, quality, and features.

Fortunately, there are affordable gaming chairs that can easily fit in your budget especially in view of what you spent on the gaming setup. Here, it is better to include a gaming chair in the overall budget front the start, not an afterthought.

Note: the more features you want or if you want it customized, the higher the cost.


Compatibility is another very important consideration when choosing the right gaming chair. Ensure it is compatible with your gaming accessories.


Choosing the right gaming chair is as important as any other detail of the game setup. It is best to include the cost of the right gaming chair in your budget from the onset to avoid settling for just any gaming chair. The tips on how to choose the right gaming chair discussed above will guide your decision.