US Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

By  //  December 22, 2020

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The next year promises to be a lucrative one for digital marketing in the United States following what has been an extremely tough 12 months.

According to a recent study by eMarketer, US organizations will spend $134.66 billion on digital advertising in 2020, a year-on-year rise of 1.7 percent.

However, the sector has been forecast to explode once again in 2021, with spending expected to increase by more than one-fifth next year.

Read on as we take a closer look at five trends that we believe will help to drive further growth in digital marketing in the US during 2021.

Digital Agencies Set to Boom

The current economic landscape will force more organizations to head down the digital marketing agency route to promote their goods and services next year.

Using specialists instead of in-house staff generally pays massive dividends when it comes to return on investment (ROI) in marketing.

Their knowledge of web design, branding, social media, mobile apps and eCommerce can help to propel an organization’s marketing activities to another level.

With agencies also able to effectively analyze marketing data, they are well placed to enjoy a successful time of things over the coming year. To learn more about digital marketing and web design click here: NYC Web Design Company.

Portland Digital Marketing

Digital marketing or online marketing is an incredible way of promoting your brand and connecting with the target audiences via the internet or other digital platforms. The common forms of digital communication used in this type of marketing include emails, social media, multimedia messages, and web-based marketing.

The type of digital marketing you opt for matters, and you shouldn’t have any worries seeking Portland digital marketing services. Simply, you just need to find a reliable and trustworthy digital marketing agency to get started.

Brand Recall via Video Content

Visuals have traditionally played an essential role in marketing, and that factor is likely to be more prevalent during 2021.

Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have facilitated a shift towards video marketing in recent times, and this trend will accelerate next year.

Research has shown that short-form videos are more effective than text-based content, leading to a much greater level of brand recall.

Videos also help to improve search engine optimisation and website rankings, making them a crucial component of any successful digital marketing strategy.

Socially Aware Organisations to Cash In

Socially conscious marketing is a hugely effective way for organizations to position their brand and engage with people on a different level.

The practice does come with risks attached, particularly with regards to using social issues that may be deemed to be overly controversial.

However, organizations that are active in areas such as social justice, mental health and inclusivity often enjoy greater success than those who fail to embrace such causes.

Taking a genuine interest in supporting issues close to people’s hearts can often be the difference between securing or losing a sale.

Voice Search Will Take Off

Smart home devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home have tons of potential for marketers, and 2021 could see them leveraged in a big way.

It has been estimated that there are around 160 million of these devices in US homes, highlighting just how popular they have become.

Voice search has been a largely untapped technology thus far, but the next 12 months will see more organizations incorporating this into their marketing strategy,

The tech has the power to encourage increased brand loyalty by allowing consumers to search for goods or services more efficiently.

Advertising on eCommerce Sites

The rise in popularity of eCommerce platforms such as Amazon is another factor that marketers could seek to take advantage of during the next 12 months.

Advertising on eCommerce sites has been on the rise in recent times, and experts have predicted that it will continue to increase significantly in the future.

The data generated by these sites is invaluable to organizations, as it allows them to target their marketing activities much more effectively.

The improved ROI offered by advertising on eCommerce platforms, particularly on mobile devices, will drive more brands towards this area over the next year.