What to Look For In an Online Bingo Site

By  //  December 30, 2020

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Bingo was perhaps most popular in the 1960s when groups of friends would meet up weekly for a fun night out with friends, but over the years, bingo’s massive popularity took a hit and it was predicted that the game would die out in the early 2000s.

However, in the past few years, bingo experienced a resurgence as independent companies established online platforms for the game, with many casinos following suit.

Understandably, there are security risks when it comes to playing bingo online — not every website will be legitimate, and it might be hard to find a game setup that suits you.

To ensure that you have a good experience playing online bingo, we have compiled a list of factors to look for when choosing a site.

• Use the more well-known sites

Your best bet when it comes to playing online bingo is to use sites that are already well known and well established. There are myriad forums available on the internet with links to reputed and well-reviewed bingo websites.

Not only will a well-known site have better security, chances are that since the website is so popular, it’ll have pretty good incentives and customer service for it to have attracted and retained a large number of customers.

For instance, Playtech and Cassava are both reputable, both having been established over 20 years ago, with millions in revenue. Sites like these will also have the funds to ensure that customers get good rewards for playing.

• Welcome bonuses

Of course, there’s much more to finding the right bingo website for you than popularity and the date established. Every player has different needs and different styles.

No two players will be comfortable with the same deposit amount, and some may not want to start with a deposit amount at all. For situations like these, sites like Bingofind and bingosites.bet are great tools to find a reputed bingo website that also matches a player’s every criterion.

Bonuses are among the top criteria when it comes to selecting an online bingo platform, and deservedly so. Without bonuses, there is little retaining current players, nor anything drawing in new ones. Look for a tradeoff between a high bonus and a minimum deposit amount.

Some websites may offer up to a 300% bonus (i.e. if you win £20, the website gives you another £60), but their deposits may be high, and there may be other factors, such as game selection, that do not meet your criteria.

Some websites offer no deposit signups — you do not have to give the site any money, and you can feel out the site and see if it works for you. For newcomers, either to the game itself or to the online version of it, this may be the best option. Whatever you prefer, it is imperative that the site, despite all its attractions, has a good policy should you need to withdraw from the game.

• Downloadable software

Some malicious sites can take advantage of routine bingo players by offering downloadable malware posing as software. Although a well-reviewed site with downloadable material will generally be safe, there is a possibility of fake reviews.

To avoid the security risk altogether, try looking for platforms that are solely online; these platforms also have the side benefit of eliminating tedious processes and the multiple steps needed to download and set up a game. However, if you really want to play a downloadable game, make sure the reviews are genuine — look for details and verified purchases.

• Payment methods

Chances are though, that no matter where you choose to play bingo, you will have to shell out some money. For your own convenience, as well as an extra step to ensure the legitimacy of the website, look for platforms with multiple payment options.

This way, not only are you more likely to avoid fraud, you also have the convenience of using a payment method that is already familiar to you. A legitimate site with multiple payment methods will generally have more funds as well, leading to bigger bonuses and payouts — all benefits for you as the player.

Thankfully, in this day and age, anyone can make payments from the comfort of their home. Whether you’re used to making fast and secure payments from anywhere in the world with Paypal, Skrill, or Ecopayz, or you’re sitting on a bit of cryptocurrency and looking for ways to spend it, finding a platform with multiple payment methods ensures a good experience for you in terms of ease as well as rewards.