4 Ways Floridians Can Stay Active This Year

By  //  January 28, 2021

Across Florida, people have made resolutions stating that 2021 is going to be their healthiest year yet. Not only are people resolving to stay healthy physically, they want to remain in a healthy mental state. Thankfully, the Space Coast offers plenty of opportunities for locals to stay active year round.

From outdoor sports to boutique studios, individuals have the opportunity to make exercise an integral part of their routine. Not only is this enjoyable, it will benefit overall health for years in the future. In this article, we will share four ways that Floridians can stay active this year.

1. Water Sports

Florida is known to have lakes, rivers, and coastlines that offer optimal wakeboard and ski conditions to outdoor enthusiasts. Not only do these sports offer the opportunity to be outside and absorb Vitamin D, they strengthen the quadriceps, hamstrings, shoulders, and back muscles.

This full-body workout can tone muscle groups that are rarely activated during other forms of movement. If you choose to spend time doing water sports, it is important that you invest in boat accessories that provide shade and comfort on hot days. The best t-tops and accessories for marine vessels are designed by Stryker T-Tops.

2. Running

Over the past few years, athletes have strayed away from running because it is a high-impact sport. Although some physical conditions prevent people from running safely, most people benefit from the time they spend on the pavement. From barefoot beach runs to jogs through the city, running gives Floridians the opportunity to explore their local region in a new way. This type of movement allows people to clear their minds while toning the leg and core muscles.

3. Barre

Barre is a low-impact activity that can be completed without props or accessories. For this reason, people often engage in this activity when they are outside or in their homes.

From squats to push-ups, pulses to crunches, you will walk away from a barre class feeling sweaty but motivated. These classes are often a mix of cardiovascular and strength building movements so that you can burn calories while sculpting muscles. Some of the most common barre brands are Barre3, Pure Barre, and Peloton Online.

4. Cycling

If you are looking for a cardiovascular activity that is easy on the joints, consider investing time into cycling. This sport torches calories while toning the quadricep, hamstring, and calf muscles.

If you cycle outdoors, you have the opportunity to explore the Space Coast with a unique perspective. If you prefer indoor activities, you can check out one of the many cycling studios that are popping up around the Space Coast. In addition, many large gym facilities have cycle bikes and classes that are available for free to members.


Are you tired of the same workout routine? Take the opportunity to try a form of exercise that is new to you. If you will be embarking on water sport adventures, invest in accessories that protect your skin during your time on the boat. For any movement, it is important that you have the clothing and hydration that you need to conquer every activity successfully.