5 of the Best Test Matches in the Last Decade

By  //  January 15, 2021

Test matches have always been one of the most significant formats of cricket. However, it can be quite time-taking and stressful too. As the time duration of the test matches are five days, four innings held in total.

But the practice and the learning that every individual player gains from it are incomparable to the other formats.

This takes up one’s full physical and mental strength and trains them to be conscious every moment during the game on fantasy cricket app. It gears up a player’s inner potential. Following are 5 of the best test matches of the last decade.

West Indies v/s Pakistan, October 2016

This four days long match between the two countries has always been recalled. Darren Bravo’s Batting and his managing a way out for his team to win against Pakistan had been remarkable. His efficient batting led him to score a century in the four innings.

The West Indies team stood firm and fought bravely during the whole match. In the two starting days, Pakistan was much ahead and leading the game. Pakistan gave an equal competition with their efficient bowler bowling against Darren Bravo’s batting as they won the second innings.

Darren Bravo ever since then has been highly regarded as best Batsman from the West Indies team.

Sri Lanka v/s South Africa, February 2019

Kunal Perera’s excellent batting and scoring a century made it a historic and brave moment for his whole team and others on fantasy sports app. He not only proved his potential but along with it took the great victory home for his whole team.

He got rewarded as the first player from Asia to score a hundred in fourth innings. As for test matches that are held, and this is an extraordinary moment. His scores came out to be the highest in any test matches that are held between these to the team. It is regarded as a record-breaking and appreciated moment in the game of cricket.

New Zealand v/s India, February 2014

New Zealand’s efficient player, Former captain and Stroke maker Brendon McCullum succeeded in earning a name and respect by producing the only triple ton. He turned out as the only one to score a double and a triple century in the test series.

In the history of test matches, it is unusual or not even happened once till now, which is why this is regarded as one of the most memorable innings of test matches. Though India too managed to play well throughout the match. But, New Zealand’s Mc Cullum turned out as the best player of the series.

West Indies v/s England, 2017 

This test match is regarded as one of its kind. The one that will be read in the books, known to the upcoming generations, is remembered till now and will be remembered for the long run.

Shai Hope, a player from West Indies team, succeeded in proving his love for the game of cricket, his excellent efficiency and his strong dedication towards his team and his game. He showed hoe without taking a break he can go on to play for longer durations as he created centuries remarkably.

India v/s Australia

This test March was another great moment in the game of cricket as this provided the fans with a worthwhile long-run game. Sometimes, these long-run games can get irritating of the game is not about to grow the interest of the players or viewers.

Though this match turned into a very interesting one. As Cheteshwar Pujara, a remarkable batsman from the Indian team managed to give his team a reason to rejoice, by his focused and dedicated play. He believed in playing with patience and calmness and he displayed the same throughout the game.