8 Most Common Reasons Why Relationships End

By  //  January 10, 2021

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Relationships are fun, constructive, and positive things in anyone’s life. But they are not always fun. Some relationships are vessels of toxicity that ruin lives that end with a bitter taste and bring heartache to whoever was in them. Others just end. And that is how relationships go.

Not all of them see it all the way through. That is the reality. And whether you met at the mall or on one of the hookup apps, you are bound to face that reality.

Sooner or later you will realize that the relationship is bound to end, and it’s just will not work out between you two. The reasons might be endless, or there might be one specific reason.

Here are the 8 most common reasons why relationships end:

#8- One Of You Cheated            

Probably the most common cause of relationship breakups, one of the couple, either you or you’re partner (or both) cheated on the other. It happened and maybe it was an accident, or maybe it was on purpose, either way, the person is going to find it hard to forgive the cheater, and to take them back. This is why it would be easier for them to end the relationship there and be done with it. Anyway if they cheated then they probably didn’t care that much for the relationship in the first place.

#7- You Fall Out of Love

Yeah, you fall in love, but why do we assume that one cannot fall out of love? We’ve all loved something in the past and grown to loathe it in the future. The same thing may be true for relationships. In fact, it’s a common occurrence. I don’t know why it happens or why the human mind or human heart is programmed to react that way. I don’t know it’s instinct or on purpose. But what I do know is once you get the point, it is very much the point of no return. Pretty hard to be part of a relationship you don’t want to be a part of.

#6- The Irreversible Big Bad Fight

We all had the irreversible big bad fight with at least someone, at some point, in our lives. Whether it’s a friend, or a boyfriend or girlfriend, very rarely is it a family member but it can happen. Anyway, that big bad fight where things escalate out of control, you say things you don’t mean to each other, things you can’t take back. Tensions flare, you throw things, hit each other, all the familiar dramatic occurrences. Sometimes those fights tend to cool down and you end up mending broken fences. But most times those fights are a one-way road, where you can’t go back to the way things were.

#5- Long Distance

Long-distance has a habit of not immediately ending relationships, but at the same time, you know the relationship is pretty much over once it’s headed down that path. Once one partner breaks it to the other that they are forced to move away whether it’s for business, work, or education, there is always the instinct reaction of “we’ll give long distance a chance.” But there is an unspoken belief amongst the two that it’s already over.  It’s sad but true. Long-distance often end relationships because of the added effort that long-distance relationships require.

#4- The Relationship is Toxic

Toxic relationships never really start. Then again they never really end either. They are a constant on-again, off-again type of love affair. And it’s these toxic relationships that tend to take a long course, going on for quite some time. Couples stay in them because they enjoy the toxicity, and tend to confuse the craziness that accompanies it as a form of showing love. But in reality, it’s just craziness. And in time, one of the constituents of that toxic relationship will realize it. And that when they will pull the proverbial plug from that relationship, bring the toxicity to an end.

#3- Old Love Affairs Flair Back Up

A pretty messed up reason why one relationship ends is because an older relationship never really ended. Being dumped for an ex is one of those things you never want to happen to you. But unfortunately, that is one of the main reasons relationships end, and they end badly. Old love affairs flaring back up in your partner’s life is a common issue especially in today’s social media age where everyone is connected and in touch with one another.

#2- The Sex Is Atrocious

As relationships wane so do does the sex. In fact, it’s usually the sex first and the relationships second. Either way, sex, or lack thereof, is one of the reasons why relationships tend to come to an end. Sadly for a lot of couples, they lose that desire, that bright-lit flame, that they once had at the start of their relationship. Trying to find that flame once again is difficult, and for some almost impossible. This is why not finding it often leads to the relationship ending, and the two couple parting ways.

#1- People Change

Yes, relationships end because people change. That’s the way of life. Sometimes that change is good, and it’s for the better. Other times, it’s not so much. And the change ends up hurting the other person, making it more and more difficult to be in a relationship. And so the relationship comes to an abrupt end. It’s nobody’s fault in particular. That’s just how things go.

So there you have the 8 most common reasons why relationships end. Ending relationships is one of the hardest things we have to do in our already difficult lives. But sometimes ending that relationship is better than allowing it to carry on in poor form and manner.