All You Need to Know About a Clicking Hard Drive

By  //  January 15, 2021

Clicking hard drive is a common problem. No matter what noise it makes, once you hear the noise, you know what to do about it. There are a dozen reasons to believe that once you hear the clicking sound, it gives you a warning.

But if you are one with minimal knowledge about this clicking hard drive sound, you do not have to panic.

Today, we will discuss all the clicking hard drive and guide you in understanding what you can do about it! So, if you face similar issues right now, stay all ears. We are coming at your rescue!

Why does the clicking sound occur?

For starters, every hard drive contains a read/write actuator. The actuator does the job of scanning over the hard drive’s platter while performing its task.

During this process, the movement of the hard drive in the disc must occur fluidly. If it is not smooth, the actuator may begin to reset itself. Such a time is when the clicking sound occurs.

Now you may wonder why the process turns out to be rough in the disk. There are many reasons for it to happen. Let us take a look.

Internally broken platters 

How can a bird fly without wings? It is the same with platters. The platters function in the actuator arm. However, if the platters are broken or damaged, it is bound to function abnormally. Thus, the hard drive noise can get intolerable after a specific time.

Physical damage 

There is a reason why people need to be careful with hard drives. These tools are sensitive to use. So, if you drop it, moisten it or wound the hard drive body, it causes physical damage to the hard drive. Such a thing may again result in the clicking sound that becomes unbearable after some time.

Worn out hard drives 

When the actuator arm gets worn out, it starts to malfunction. As a result, the entire hard drive begins to act abnormally. Such a thing causes the hard drive to bring about a clicking sound.

Service area problems 

Many-a-times, it so happens that the service area gets damaged due to several reasons. At this point, the actuator arm may begin to swing to a FRO in search of the data. So, it leads to the clicking hard drive sound.

What to do about it?

Most times the clicking hard drives are an indication that your files can be deleted and never recovered. If it is not too late, you must seek expert assistance right away.

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