Anything Can Happen: The Best Super Bowl Moments Over the Years

By  //  January 19, 2021

The first Sunday of February is marked on most sports fans’ calendars. Nacho recipes are being strongly considered and scrutinised, faces will be painted and bets will be placed in preparation for this year’s Super Bowl. No matter who they support, people will be eager to keep tabs on the latest NFL odds in the run up to the game and as the game unfolds.

The NFL Super Bowl is the second most-watched sporting event and is often the top American television broadcast for the year. The scenes and moments will be etched into sporting history for years to come, but let’s look at some of the most memorable moments in recent Super Bowl history.

The most recent has to be the infamous Super Bowl XLIX, which dominated sports news headlines for months afterward. The Seahawks were up against the New England Patriots and came up a yard short of securing a consecutive Super Bowl.

Many believe that Pete Carroll made the worst offensive play call in Super Bowl history by having a pass play and not using Marshawn Lynch to run the ball. Lynch was the best running back that season and was an absolute beast in the backfield.

Everyone in the stadium expected him to run with the ball for a touchdown. The odds for the Seahawks to take the win were in their favor at that moment. However, the baffling pass was intercepted by Malcolm Butler of the Patriots on the goal line and the Patriots won.

Players and game analysts believe that if the ball got to Marshawn Lynn, the Seahawks would have won. Pete Carroll admits that it was an emotional way to lose the Super Bowl and it proved to be as the Seahawks failed to reach the Super Bowl since.

The Helmet Catch is another memorable on-field play that occurred in Super Bowl XLII. The New York Giants played the New England Patriots with the Patriots being favorites to win as per the NFL odds.

The play involved New York Giants’ quarterback, Eli Manning and wide receiver David Tyree. Scrambling and facing pressure, managed to stay on his feet and made a forward pass towards David Tyree. The wide receiver leaped into the air with his hands outstretched and grabbed the ball with both hands.

Rodney Harrison of the Patriots tried to knock the ball off Tyree’s hands mid-air. However, Tyree clung to it with support from his helmet as he fell to the ground. It was described as the best play the Super Bowl has ever produced as the Giants caused an upset with the game-winning touchdown.

The Super Bowl halftime show was not as big a spectacle until the King of Pop made it be so. At Super Bowl XXVII, Michael Jackson delivered one of the most influential performances that some people credit with reinventing the halftime show.

The choreography and attention to detail on his execution of Jam, Billie Jean, and Black or White showcased his commanding nature on stage. During the finale, the audience card stunt with a children’s choir from Los Angeles sung We are the World and Heal the World. The famous black and gold military jacket proved iconic as popular artists continue to honor his performance.

But the Jackson’s weren’t finished. During her performance at the Super Bowl XXXVIII, Michael’s sister, Janet Jackson performed at a halftime show too. Her wardrobe malfunction made some serious waves beyond the sporting community, which led to relatively “safe” halftime picks in the following years.

The upcoming Super Bowl LV, to be held in Tampa Bay, has received great anticipation. It would most certainly give its audience another memorable event.

The Weeknd has been slotted for the halftime show and would have a performance to remember as fans expect him to perform some of his popular hits. Other than the Super Bowl as an event, every NFL fan hopes it shall be one exciting game and provide iconic moments.