Are YouTube to MP3 Converters Legit?

By  //  January 9, 2021

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This has been a hot topic for debate for a long time as many ponder what constitutes as legit and what is not. YouTube to MP3 converters in theory allows users to convert YouTube videos and download them to their device of use. Before we get into if these converters are legit or not, let’s first look at why one will download videos from YouTube.

Why YouTube? 

YouTube is the largest online streaming service in the world with more than billions of hours of entertainment content, documentaries, movies, tv shows, music videos and more.

The site is famous among YouTubers who create content for their fanbase to enjoy which is another benefit since that content can never be found anywhere else on the internet. The site sees millions of hours of content uploaded on it daily.

So, are YouTube to MP3 converters legit? Is there a thing that actually allows users to download content straight from YouTube? To cut matters short, yes a YouTube downloader is a thing and it has existed for a decade.

Before we go over whether or not these converters are legit, it is important to know what it means to use these converters. YouTubers and content creators on YouTube spend their time and effort in developing content for the world to see and in turn, they make revenue through the ads that run on their videos.

Downloading YouTube videos so that you can watch them offline later on can be stated as a piracy issue. This also demotivates the content creators to not make the content anymore. However, we believe that you know what you’re doing and have a good reason to download YouTube videos.

Now back to the main question, Is it legit? Well, it depends. Theoretically, it seems legit, however, there are many YouTube to MP3 converter sites that not only breach users’ privacy but also install malware on their systems without users knowing. These malwares can steal information easily and hence it is suggested to stay away from many YouTube MP3 sites.

So, is there any YouTube to MP3 converter site that is legit and secure to use? We’ve gone through many converters over the years, however recently we can’t stop using Clickmp3 for work purposes.

Clickmp3: A 21st century solution

YouTube to MP3 converters have been there for a long time however over the years it has lost its charm. Many developers have used their website to generate revenue by placing ads on them which can create a huge hassle if you click on any of the ads. There are some developers who boarded the hype train of YouTube to MP3 converters but lost interest in maintaining their sites, this has led to broken websites that are unable to convert YouTube videos.

This is where the converter Clickmp3 comes in, a modern solution to converting YouTube videos. The website does not have any ads making it clutter-free. This is very appealing to the eyes as the website remains clean, simple and intuitive. The instructions to download YouTube videos can easily be read off the website and following these instructions is not difficult.

The YouTube downloader Clickmp3 is also free unlike many other YouTube to MP3 converters that charge for premium services or have a subscription model. This is refreshing to see as the website will never intimate you or restrict you from downloading any type of content no matter how small or big the content is. This means that you can even download a complete movie after the website converts it to MP3 for you.

The website has an active management which means that the website is constantly monitored by developers therefore you won’t run into any performance issues or code breakage. This is great as many converter websites have been abandoned by their developers. In case you run into any issue, don’t hesitate to contact them on their contact us page.

The YouTube to MP3 downloader has been working well for us for work purposes, give it a try and maybe it might be something you’re looking for.