Australia’s Job Training is in Need of a Jumpstart as Skills Fall Short

By  //  January 15, 2021

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Every country has its way of tackling challenges. As societies become more complex, they must figure out a way to provide training to meet demand, but this is something Australia has failed to do.

It doesn’t seem like the damage is irreversible, but it’s going to take some work, which is one reason the country is trying to jumpstart interest in jobs training.

The country needs to find a way to not only revitalize its training program, but it has to reform it. In essence, the previous training program did not create capable managers who can meet today’s demands. This is something many job creators and business owners are feeling.

What is the Problem?

Many of Australia’s rapid growth sectors have been doing quite well, but that increases demand.

The country responded by investing in training, but it failed to spend an adequate amount of time on it to ensure things were done right. They are producing folks who are not able to perform the job efficiently.

Without personnel who can step up to the plate, several industries have been falling short, which is not good for the country nor those industries including manufacturing. Productivity and profits are negatively affected in several ways.

Australia recognizes the problem and is attempting to do something about it. The government just announced the JobTrainer program. This is a large package that’s meant to help retrain the country’s workers and upskill them. Of course, this program is going to need a lot of time and more trainers to get things right.

Folks who have been paying attention to this issue are somewhat optimistic about the JobTrainer program. This is especially true because of the pandemic. The pandemic has hurt Australia and its people.

Everyone is doing their part to stay safe, but there is a small silver lining. Many Australians have time for jobs training. This could lead to that boom in skills the country so desperately needs.

Others are more concerned about what’s going on in the country. Yes, the ingredients are there to push more Australians to train themselves to meet demands, but that doesn’t guarantee the program will work. Some worry the country needs to take bolder action to find people with the right skills to meet demand.

Yes, the pandemic has given folks more time to learn, but it might not give them the motivation needed to continue their education and be effective workers.

Australia’s young workforce may recognize the need for more training, but it seems many of them aren’t sticking to the programs. Some start it but don’t continue it, and that’s dangerous for the country.

Australia could lose an entire block of the population, which is only going to create more problems. Several industries won’t be able to grow. The country may need to try to find ways to attract talent beyond its borders, and that could take some time.

The pandemic has hurt the spirit of many people in this country and around the world. There’s no doubt about that, which could be the reason many folks within the country’s young workforce aren’t motivated to continue their training.

While this is understandable, it also must be fought. The government is the only entity in a real position to take bolder steps to get people into the sectors that are facing skill shortages.

Maybe the introduction and successful rollout of the vaccine will be enough to give people hope. The vaccine shines a light in a situation that has been dark for a long time. People who might have had trouble seeing the future could finally be seeing it now, which could serve as motivation.

Hopefully, that bit of motivation and the program the country just introduced will be enough, but it may take a moment to show results. People will have to watch carefully to see the subtle changes that may occur in various industries. If change is not seen, adjustments can be made to ensure a better outcome.

Maybe this step is simply not enough, and the country needs to invest in public announcements and create monetary incentives to get a little more enthusiasm around these important sectors.

Whatever needs to happen, it needs to happen as soon as possible. Industry leaders are scared that the country is heading to a point of no return.

This is something everyone needs to keep paying attention to because it could influence policies for years to come. Hopefully, lawmakers take the right steps towards a brighter tomorrow.