Beginners Guide with Essentials for Hiking

By  //  January 29, 2021

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Hiking is a growing trend among youths nowadays. As per some statistics, more than 47.86 million people participated in hiking in the period of 2016-18 in the USA alone.

Hiking is gaining popularity, but the first-time experience can be very unpleasant for many people as many first-timers make mistakes of not taking hiking essentials with them.

Sometimes they take unnecessary things, and as a result, when they face a potentially dangerous situation, they don’t have anything to counter or survive it.

So, in today’s post, we are going to learn about a few must-have items you will need while hiking. If you need reviews of any particular items, you can easily find them on sites like TrekSumo, or Outdoor Gear Lab.

Now let’s get right into it the hiking essentials.

First Aid Kit

Whether you are going hiking or any kind of adventurous activity, you must carry a First Aid Kit. If you get hurt while hiking, there will be no one to help, and First Aid may prevent an injury from worsening into a life-threatening condition. You can find pre-packaged first aid kits in most outdoor gear stores.

The only disadvantage with a pre-packed First Aid kit is that they are not personalized to your specific needs. The better option is to build your own from scratch, taking any personal conditions into consideration.

If you are making your own, then remember to keep these basic things in your First Aid kit – Antiseptic, Antibacterial, bandages, medical tape, pain-relief spray or tablet, medicine for allergic reactions, Safety pins, etc. once you have all these things you can add a prescription medication, if appropriate.

Gear Repair Kit

Your gear repair kit is vital and could mean the difference between life and death in an emergency situation. Here’s a simple example: let’s imagine you’re hiking far out in the wilderness. The night is closing in and you pitch your tent for the night. Later, as you’re snuggled down in your sleeping bag, a storm blows.

The wind batters your tent, snaps a pole, and you find yourself cocooned in your flysheet. Now, add in heavy rain and a snap front and you’re in trouble. In these circumstances, a spare set of tent poles, or even your hiking sticks could be used as a way of keeping your tent erect.

It’s this kind of foreseeable events where the gear repair kit will save you. Well done, your tent is now least useable again. The most basic Repair kit should include a knife, spare bulbs for your headlamp or torch, spare parts for tent repairing, a sewing kit, cords, and hooks.


Always be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Your planned trip may only last a few hours, but you can never be sure about anything when you are out in the wild. Many times, due to complications, you may have to stay longer than anticipated. So, for such cases, always keep a tent, or emergency shelter, with you so that you can at least protect yourself from the elements and get some sleep.

Navigation tools and headlamps

There are many different navigation tools, but you should take a backup option in case one goes down; you still have a way of navigating. When hiking, the last thing you want to lose is your sense of direction. Keep everything from a physical paper map to GPS devices, compass, etc. Also, headlamps and torches are a necessity if you don’t want to wander in the dark. Always keep some extra batteries.

This list of essentials should be the minimum you take on a hike. Other equipment you pack must meet the demands of your hiking destination, otherwise, it becomes nothing more than dead weight in your backpack you need special clothes and shoes so dress accordingly. Also, having a fire starter can be very pleasing as starting a fire in a wet place is quite frustrating.

Before you go on any adventure, always inform your close relatives or friends about the timelines of your journey. Adventures can go wrong, so it never hurts to be careful. Always take the best quality outdoor gear with you; there might come a time when your life depends on it.