Books-Fitness for the Brain

By  //  January 13, 2021

A wide variety of gadgets, computer games, audiobooks gradually turns reading as such into a” not interesting ” activity for the younger generation. Instead of fiction, parents buy children game consoles, allow them to watch TV programs without control, which inhibit brain development. It is much easier to get information from short messages, equipped with a mass of visualized support.

Why do children need to read? The benefits of a book for children

Meanwhile, scientists have proven that reading for 6 minutes reduces stress levels by more than 2 times. Listening to calm music and walking are only second and third in relieving stress.

Researchers from the UK claim that reading brings the same benefits for the body as fitness for muscles because during this process a person exercises the entire brain.

In the gray matter, completely different processes occur, if you read for pleasure and if you try to learn information, for example, to pass an exam.

Scientists have conducted research and found that at the moment of transition from normal reading to the desire to remember the text in detail, active blood circulation begins in the head and the type of nervous activity completely changes. Blood reaches the areas of the brain that are responsible for cognition and concentration.

Any kind of neurological load is useful for the brain, it activates blood circulation, improves tissue nutrition.

What is the main benefit of reading?

The benefits of the book for children are beyond doubt. Children love to be read to. It is from parents that the baby hears the first poems and fairy tales, and if parents do not ignore reading even the smallest, then with a very high probability the book will soon become the best friend of the child. Why? Because the book:

■ expands the child’s view of the world

■ it introduces everything that surrounds the child: nature, objects, etc

■ it influences the formation of preferences and reading tastes of the child

■ develops thinking — both logical and figurative

■ expands vocabulary, memory, imagination and imagination

■ teaches you how to make sentences correctly.

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Regular reading

Children who are regularly read aloud by their parents begin to understand the structure of a literary work (where the beginning is, how the plot unfolds, where the end comes). Thanks to reading, the child learns to listen – and this is important. By getting acquainted with books, the child learns his native language better.

Usually, children look forward to their parents reading to them. Reading aloud is also very important for those children who can already read the book themselves. Family reading is a guarantee of well-being, a way of communication between parents and children, a method of education and good leisure. That is why mom and dad should always have time to read to the children.

Psychologists believe that children who are read books by their parents are emotionally balanced and confident.

Here’s what happens in moments of shared reading:

■ Children who are often read to feel intimacy, security, and safety. Such children are much more comfortable to live than those who are deprived of the joy of reading.

■ During the joint reading, children form a moral attitude to the world. The characters of the books do a variety of things, get into false situations, make decisions – all this the child can discuss with the parent while forming an understanding of good and evil, friendship and betrayal, sympathy, duty, honor.

■ With active listening, the child vividly imagines what is being narrated and experiences. In these moments, he develops emotionally and, often identifying himself/herself with the main character, overcomes his/her own fears.

■ Listening to a literary work, the child inherits a variety of behaviors through the book: for example, how to become a good friend, how to achieve a goal, or how to resolve a conflict. The role of parents here is to help compare situations from a fairy tale with situations that can happen in real life.

The book is the key to child development

The benefits of reading books for children are very great. Early childhood and preschool period are the time that you need not miss in order to lay the most valuable qualities in the child because it is at this time that the inner world of the child is formed.

And here a good helper is a book that helps to form the child’s worldview, his/her morals, values, and general level of culture.

From the first books, the youngest learn about the rules of politeness and the basics of health, as well as the simplest rules of life. Kids often read short folklore works, simple poems, folk wisdom in which is presented in accessible forms to crumbs.