Can Australians Bet at Offshore Casino Sites?

By  //  January 12, 2021

With the rising sports betting market in Australia, making betting on your favourite sporting event and other games should be easier than ever. However, the gamblers in Australia still transfer their dollars offshore. The question here is why this happens.

Why does this happen? 

One of the reasons is that major punters don’t want to document their wagering. Offshore bookmakers frequently have greater limits for big punters since Australian rules, laws, and regulations are not applicable to such sites. Offshore bookmakers are also not paying product charges, thus cheating Australian sporting activities, like leagues or tournaments.

It is anticipated that unregulated offshore bookmakers whose businesses are registered in jurisdictions such as Manila, Curacao, and Man Island take more than two-thirds of the money bet worldwide on the sport. Australians give offshore book markets almost $580 million in revenues.

For offshore gambling sites to offer Australians bets, this is an offence punishable with a maximum of up to 1.8 million dollars a day. Offshore bookies are a risk to the beloved sport codes, not just punters. No one will be spared from soccer, netball, and cricket to AFL and NRL.

Racing took a strong position on this issue and made it illegal for any one of its authorized and registered persons – even race authorities and trainers – to bet on races with any bookies that Racing Victoria has not approved. Those in the racing sector may have problems betting at an illegal offshore bookmaker if the Southern State’s racing regulator has not approved it. The sanctions are serious, the toughest being ending a career.

However, suppose Racing Victoria has allowed some 230 bookies to give competition markets. In that case, you could ask yourself why someone will bet with an illegal casino, whether they are interested in the competition or otherwise. If you’re not able to find a market with which to punt on the races, you’re probably doing something wrong.

The AFL also opposed the use of offshore bookmakers. “AFL has product fees and information-sharing agreements with Australian betting agencies, in line with other professional sporting codes in Australia, to provide for transparency in betting in our sports,” General Advisor Andrew Dillon stated.

“We can only protect the dignity of our sport by partnering with the agencies.”

“Australian punters’ offshore betting is a legitimate concern for sport honesty since betting is not possible to be investigated.”

“The best way of countering the Australians’ use of illegal offshore betting is to allow registered and regulated Australian agencies to compete fully with offshore agencies, including by allowing online betting in-play.” Andrew Dillon added.

The illicit offshore wagering market has been rising globally, and wagering is the world’s largest online gambling market.

80% of these global sports bets, depending on where the customer makes a bet, are considered to be illegal. That is obviously an astounding amount.

The Gap between Betting Sites offshore and those from Australia

There are fancy light and functional interfaces, but there is an important distinction between the licensed Australian bookmakers and their illegal overseas counterparts.

Nearly none of them would have anti-gambling messages or references to gambling codes.

You can easily get fooled while doing some digging, but it is also important to read about the bookmaker before attempting to open an account with them.

You need to be certain of where your chosen casino is licensed. If it isn’t regulated in Australia, then that is no place to gamble.

Suppose you are in search of legal online casino Australia. In that case, you are on the right track to making safe bets and possibly getting your winnings when due. However, always pay attention to the obvious risks as certain offshore casinos are licensed in some jurisdictions with levels of veracity that vary.