Marco Valentinsig, Italian Entrepreneur Aims to Bring a Change in Digital Marketing

By  //  January 29, 2021

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Marco Valentinsig is one of the top Italian entrepreneurs and the founder and CEO of Beliked. His company has brought a new change in the world of digital marketing.

His knowledge and understanding of the same have helped him come up with policies that are beneficial for companies and business owners all over the world.

With Beliked, Marco Valentinsig created the Social Media Policies which can be used universally. It will help companies around the world to purchase and personalize the policies as per their needs and requirements.

The document is exclusive. Marco believes that all companies should have it because it helps with digital behavior manual. This manual will help the employer to govern the actions of employees.

Marco shares, “I created internal social media policies (for employees) and external ones (for suppliers, partners, etc …).”

He wants to bring a change in the world of digital marketing and how companies function with Beliked and his policies. According to him, the traditional marketing techniques are majorly full of costly advertisements that would be seen my almost everyone, taking away the main focus from the target group.

Marco Valentinsig says that there is a lot of scope in digital marketing. With the right guidance and exploration and adapting to changes, one can create wonders and that’s what he always aimed to do.