PayPal Gambling: Pro & Cons

By  //  January 27, 2021

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If what you want is an online casino that provides you with an easy process when you try to make deposit payments and a similarly swift and easy withdrawal process of real funds, then selecting an online casino that recognizes PayPal as a means of payment may be the most favorable choice you will make.

Owing to the famous pedigree of PayPal, there is a long list of online casinos at NZ CasinoDeps that recognizes this e-wallet platform as a payment method. Still, there is more to what you have to know about this e-wallet payment option.

First off, PayPal as an electronic wallet payment option just like every other thing that exists comes with pros and cons, similarly, there is the need to get familiar with certain intricacies involved in the process of making deposits and getting to take out your funds using this medium.

Hence, we have provided you with all the necessary information as regards these intricacies you should get familiar with, if you must enjoy all that PayPal has to offer.

In this text, you’ll discover all the important details as regards how to use this payment choice on online casinos to ease the rendering of their services. You will be exposed to the steps of making deposits and withdrawals from this electronic wallet, as well as the pros and cons.


PayPal is a name to mention when mentioning the dominating brands in electronic digital money deposit services all over the world. It is also a very distinguished name amongst gambling operators and lovers of online casinos.

PayPal as a payment option is totally free of any charges when you use it to process online payments at a diversity of various vendors. In the last few years, PayPal has come to be a beloved depositing tool for several exclusive betting platforms.

The use of PayPal as a means of making cash deposits at online casino platforms is exclusive to nations outside of Canada, the United States, and Australia.

PayPal functions as an independent checking account for the use of online vendors. An online casino user will deposit funds into his or her PayPal account through bank transfer, credit card, or debit card and then use the funds to place bets at online casinos.

PayPal users are likewise furnished with the option of linking a credit card to their account. By doing this, PayPal can now process automated and instant withdrawals whenever such a user makes a deposit using this PayPal account at an online casino.

This guarantees that sensitive personal data associated with the credit card is transmitted to just one betting platform when the payments are made online.

You can decide to make use of your regular PayPal account that you use for all your internet processes when you need to make payments on any PayPal online casino site, or can choose to create a unique account with a distinct credit card that you will now use henceforth for earmarked casino gaming.

Doing that will again assist you in controlling the amount of cash you spend and maintain documentation of your winnings without stress.


■ An already existing and familiar figure for the majority of online shoppers

■ Seamless connection process to existing bank accounts

■ An efficient and reliable middleman between you and the online casino you use.

■ A track record of being safe and dependable.


■ Certain casino bonuses are not available to PayPal users

■ A data leak can turn out quite bad for you. Hence, you have to abide by every security measure that has been provided.

Deposits And Withdrawals

In this section of the article, we will be introducing you to the step to step process of making deposit payments using the PayPal electronic digital payment option, as well as the steps to getting your cash out after your winnings

Deposit Procedures

Although the actual procedure will vary slightly from one online casino to another, you’ll still not find it strange to walk through the process successfully whenever you use any PayPal online casino.

1. Be sure that your PayPal account has been credited with sufficient funds, or is linked to a bank card for funding.

2. Head straight to the Cashier area of your selected online gambling operator’s site and select PayPal.

3. Enter the exact amount you will like to deposit, be sure again that you meet or surpass the least deposit threshold that has been set.

4. Hold on till the money reflects in your online betting account, which will always reflect as soon as you’re done.

5. Use the funds you have deposited to credit your casino gaming, together with other bonus money you receive.

Withdrawal Process

1. Confirm your information & go straight to the cashier section

2. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw

3. Take note of how long the withdrawal will take to process

4. Your money is now in there. Celebrate your winnings