The Best Gender Neutral Baby Clothes

By  //  January 6, 2021

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In a perfect world, all baby clothes would be gender-neutral. There is no practical reason for baby clothing to express gender if babies are to be treated the same regardless of gender.

When you are choosing gender neutral baby clothes, Look for colors other than pink and blue. While there is nothing inherently feminine or masculine about them, societal norms define those colors as attached to one gender or the other.

Avoid Pink and Blue

As a matter of fact, if you were to ask Americans 120 years ago, they would tell you that pink was a strong, masculine color, and that blues were feminine. For some reason, those notions flipped sometime in the early to mid-twentieth century, and those colors are strongly attached to gender in the United States.

One way to make your child’s clothing gender-neutral is to shop for clothing typically associated with the opposite sex, in an attempt to maintain some balance. The idea behind this is that balancing a male yin with female yang gives a neutral look in total.

Since babies are so androgynous, this concept doesn’t really work. A baby boy in girl clothing looks like a baby girl, plain and simple. The same is typically true with girls in boy associated clothing.

Since you don’t want to just swap genders to be gender-neutral, a more practical approach is needed to find the best gender neutral baby clothes.

Seeking out non-gender-associated colors is a great first step. Clothing in yellow, green, orange, and red doesn’t cause you to automatically assume the gender of the wearer.

Styling Matters Too

Clothing that is styled to be gender-neutral avoids specifically gendered flourishes. Decorative elements are chosen to be focused on both genders equally.

What does that mean? Gender-neutral clothing will generally steer away from lace on the seams. This is somewhat dated anyway but definitely makes an outfit feel over-feminized.

The same goes for traditionally very male style elements. Putting cars, trucks, and tools on baby outfits makes them seem more masculine than other elements.

Obviously feminine styles like dresses will push the item beyond the realm of easily gender-neutral styling.

So what works?

▪Overalls in solid colors


▪Collared Shirts


▪Simple singlet outfits

▪Pea coats

Combine these elements into straightforward combinations that would work for boys and girls. Layer overalls on onesies in a contrasting color, and top with navy pea coat when the weather is cold.

Once you have settled on a style, find the best quality products in that style. Seek out brands that use organic cotton and sustainable methods.

If you are seeking to find clothes that are gender-neutral and allow your child to find a time to express themselves in the way they see fit, you should also make sure their clothing contributes to sustaining the world your baby will live in.

The best gender neutral baby clothes will use innovative techniques to make them environmentally friendly and durable. One of the benefits of gender-neutral clothing is that you can use it for your next child, regardless of sex.

Well made gender-neutral clothing will look as good for the second child and the third as it did for the first. The best gender neutral baby clothes will be made to last, without fading, staining, or pilling.

In summary, the best gender neutral baby clothes will be durable, simple, and sustainable. They will be made using innovative techniques that allow them to last and look great for boys and girls, without fading, stretching, or shrinking.