The Newest Trends in Online Casinos for 2021

By  //  January 25, 2021

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When it comes to online casino sites (카지노사이트), there is always the assurance of evolution. Whether it be new technology, regulatory changes, or bigger wins – online casinos cover all bases. 

However, uncertainty as to what these upcoming trends are can be anxiety-inducing.  Fortunately, below are four of the newest trends for online casinos that you can keep an eye out for when gambling online or choosing which of the new casinos to put your money on.

Growth of online gambling

The COVID-19 pandemic has currently put an indefinite level of restrictions on local casinos or gambling branches, yet due to the accessibility of online casinos, there has been an exponential growth in the online gambling market.

As a result, many gambling conglomerates have optimized their websites and apps to ensure that they run with efficiency and ease, thus expanding their usability to appeal to gambling demographics who previously relied on brick and mortar to place their bets and reap their earnings.

The enhanced experience is here.

No more credit cards?

The use of credit cards when gambling online has been common practice for many years due to the convenience of transacting large amounts of money. Yet, due to the sheer level of risk associated with spending borrowed money leaving many in debt, in April the UKGC deemed the use of credit cards as unsafe and subsequently placed a countrywide ban on their use in casinos.

In this move to reduce the ‘22% of problem gamblers’, gamblers are now limited to using their own funds to finance their gambling experience.

AI and VR

2020 has brought about mass availability to new technological heights such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, so it is unsurprising that they are in turn revolutionizing the gambling industry.

AI is often used in online casino settings to help determine fair bonuses to be delegated to players that are dependent on the amount in which they are willing to bet, therefore creating more incentives to play big. It is also used to help suggest similar games that are related to the user’s search or play history.

Virtual reality, on the other hand, offers an immersive gambling experience that can house several players in an entirely virtual casino. Games such as poker are making good use of this technology by creating virtual rooms and allowing several participants to access these using headsets or other technology that offers the use of VR.

Mobile devices are advancing which means that soon players will be able to use their portable devices to access these VR casinos, removing the need to be hooked up to a desktop computer. While mobile focused casinos are not new, VR on mobile devices is something we can look forward to in 20201.

Technology is truly changing the game.

The potential of cryptocurrency

For several years, cryptocurrency has swept the international stage by presenting an array of mined universal currencies with real-world value that are entirely digital. In the online casino world, the discretion and security provided by gambling with crypto is transforming the way bets are placed and earnings are collected.

Currencies such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Tether, are all provided gamblers with the opportunity to take their experience entirely virtual and potentially earn a significant profit from earnings, depending on market fluctuations.

Crypto is perhaps one of the most sustainable investments, so why not win more?