The Psychology Behind Tile Colors

By  //  January 27, 2021

When choosing the perfect furnishing style for your home, color choices should not be taken lightly. While deep black can take a hit, it can often create the illusion of a smaller space. In contrast, glossy white floor or wall tiles are a fantastic option when you want to reflect the light and let the furniture do the talking.

Yet they are often accused of being too clinical for everyday life. So what color to choose for your decoration?

Decorate with Paint

There is a widespread belief among psychologists that color can have a significant impact on our mood and that the tone of a room can be changed with a simple touch of color.

Decorative tiles aren’t just about patterns and textures. They contain bright and bold colors that you can use to create calm or tension in any room. In today’s blog post, we take a look at the importance of each color to decorate your home and reflect your personality and mood.

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This warm color symbolizes stability, so it’s no surprise that we immediately feel at home when we see orange. Prevent insomnia by splashing the orange walls outside the bedroom. Oranges go perfectly with the Moroccan style. Combine this shade with deep reds and deep blues for an authentic Moorish feel.


Whether you prefer a vibrant hue or a soft yellow, this is the color of the sun. Bold and energetic, it’s hard to look away from the yellow decor. In a kitchen, we love the idea of ​​bright yellow cabinet doors paired with a soothing Toronto charcoal tile backsplash.


It is loaded with urgency and danger because red is only for the more daring. Red signifies an element of energy and passion, which makes it a fantastic choice for a loving home. Red can be brave, but the gamble always pays off, and red provides a solid foundation for a beautiful home. For a vibrant interior, add a pop of color with red wall tiles and pair it with black and white geometric prints on the floor.


Natural greens symbolize serenity, growth, and harmony in nature, making them a popular choice for living rooms and bedrooms. Olive green and light green tones are the perfect complement to furniture and floors. For an oasis of calm, treat your room with a green cape. We love the idea of ​​seamlessly connecting the interior of the room with the exterior. If your property is located in a rural setting, invite nature in with H Line Green Encaustic Floor Tiles.


Black is synonymous with luxury and mystery, making it an ideal choice for the most upscale homes. While a bold black statement can create the illusion that a room is much smaller than it actually is, including black in interior design isn’t as risky as you might think. Ideally, black should be limited to floors or a single wall so that natural light continues to reflect. Glossy black tiles, on the other hand, are the perfect flooring in any chic kitchen or bathroom, and we love the way the light shines on our black quartz tiles.

White Bathroom

Traditionally, the space of white in the home has been limited to bathrooms due to its high level of light reflection and its association with cleanliness and purity. While white can appear cold and clinical in other areas of the home, cream and beige tones are always winners for a more neutral interior. Whether you want to tile a wall or need a practical bathroom backsplash, we love the versatility of beveled and matte white tiles.

It doesn’t matter if you go for a bright red or a deep black and paint your walls to brighten up your home! Now that you are an expert in the psychology of each shade, it’s time to see which shade of tile is right for you. Check out our impressive selection of floor and wall tiles today to see the impact of your interior design project.