Top Off-Roading Accessories for Your Winter Road Trip

By  //  January 6, 2021

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Going out for a winter adventure in your off-road vehicle is one way to get your adrenaline running. Before making the trek to off-road winter trails, you’ll need to prepare yourself with the right gear and accessories for your vehicle.

Make sure your truck or off-road vehicle has the capability to handle a snow-covered trail and is equipped with the right fox suspension and drive train before setting out. It’s also smart to go with a group of off-road enthusiasts if you’re exploring a new spot. Here are the top off-roading accessories for your winter road trip.

Emergency Kit

The first accessory for off-roading in the winter is an emergency kit for your car or truck. Some of the trails may be out of the way and with freezing temperatures and treacherous driving conditions, you need to prioritize safety.

Stock your kit with warm blankets and winter outerwear, flashlights, jumper cables, ice scrapers, flares, a knife, water and emergency food. Also, consider bringing a bag of sand for extra traction.

Strong Winch

Another off-roading essential in the winter weather is a winch and warn winch parts. A winch is a valuable accessory to help pull your car or truck out of a snowy ditch or some other place it may get stuck. Winches can be easily attached to the back of your vehicle before a winter excursion. 

Winter Tires

Having fun and avoiding frustration on snow-covered trails is possible with the right kind of tires for the weather. If your tires aren’t up to the task, you may want to upgrade before considering an off-road adventure in the winter. Go with tires that fit your vehicle’s specifications. Snow tires or all-season specialty tires may be the best for off-roading in the winter.

Truck Bed Cover 

For truck owners, a cover for the bed is a must-have accessory when it snows or rains. Keep the back of your vehicle free from being weighed down with heavy snow and ice with truck tonneau covers. Instead of worrying about the weather, you can keep your gear in the back of your truck dry and protected from the elements. 

Battery Charger  

Frigid temperatures sometimes wreak havoc on car batteries. Going out for an off-road trail ride during the coldest time of the year and ending up with a dead battery can end up putting you in harm’s way. Give yourself some peace of mind and bring a quick battery charger to ensure you won’t be slowed down by a dead battery. 

Updated Trail Map   

Finally, some of the best off-roading winter trails are in the middle of nowhere. In some of these places, the cell phone coverage may be poor or nonexistent. Make sure you don’t end up getting lost in these isolated places by bringing updated paper maps of each trail you plan on exploring. Check the paper maps with some online satellite pictures to ensure your information is correct.

Get ready to explore some of the best and most beautiful winter trails with your off-road vehicle. Be prepared to have an amazing time by bringing these essential accessories to keep you and your vehicle safe throughout the trip.