Why Is a Stainless Steel Table the Most Essential Type of Restaurant Equipment?

By  //  January 28, 2021

When it comes to equipping commercial kitchen space, the first thing to consider is a stainless steel table. It is impossible to efficiently and competently arrange the food prep zones and organize the cooking process without a stainless steel table.

It is a key factor in providing a comfortable workplace and optimizing staff performance. Metalwork tables increase productivity and ensure a hygienic environment free from germs to maintain health and prevent disease that is crucial for the foodservice industry.

Main considerations when choosing a stainless steel table

When choosing a table, give preference to models made of heavy-duty food-grade stainless steel. It will help to avoid unpleasant consequences during operation, such as corrosion.

Also, pay attention to the thickness of metal because different types of stainless steel gauges are intended for different purposes. Other features to consider during the selection process:

Extra accessories. Stainless steel tables come with an array of essential components that can facilitate the prep routine even more.

Mostly this category of additional details include:

■ Mounted adjustable cutting board for performing common kitchen tasks such as chopping ingredients or slice producing;

■ Backsplash that spans the length of the countertop to protect the wall against dirt, spills, and stains from splashes;

■ Drawers for adding more storage places and keeping utensils at hand.

Dimensions. The table must perfectly fit into the room space. Before purchasing know the height, length, and width that you require. Be aware of available edge types because some types allow you to set tables next to each other, some promote cleanliness, and some may not be suitable for commercial purposes.

Model. Now, a buyer must decide on a design. Open base options, a table with a metal shelf under or above the working tops, mobile tables with casters for flexibility. All these types you can find in the catalog of AmGoodSupply.

Price. Obviously, the presence of metal shelves for storing food and tools, welded-in sinks for faster and more convenient rinsing and washing activities, or wheels affect the cost. Generally, the prices start at $100. More accessories, higher stainless steel gauge, bigger size are more expensive.

Hygienic and durable commercial metal table – your best pick

Steel tables have a lot of significant advantages over wooden alternatives, the main ones of which are the following:

■ Resistance to regular moisture exposure, high temperatures, cleaning chemicals, impacts, and damages;

■ Care is simple, it doesn’t require treatment by special products to protect it from rust formation, instant disinfection is guaranteed;

■ The weight capacity allows keeping heavy-weight cooking appliances without harming the integrity of the surface;

■ It has a neat appearance, as steel won’t crack, stain, or deteriorate;

■ It is steady enough to be placed even on an uneven floor.

Moreover, cleanliness is one of the main requirements for the safe operation of the food establishment. Sanitary and hygienic standards are very strict, so all restaurant furniture should be not only functional but also easily and efficiently washable.

This is especially crucial for working tops, as various products constantly come into contact with their surface. And only the stainless steel food prep table can perfectly meet the hygienic rules.