You Can Now Choose What Ads to See on Google and YouTube

By  //  January 6, 2021

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Everyone has heard of Google ads. But, for those who may not know yet what these are, we will make a short presentation. Google Ads is the most used type of pay per click advertising available on the Internet at present.

With pay per click, the business that created the ad pays when someone clicks on the ad. Back in 2000, this service was known as Google AdWords. However, after a rebranding process, it became Google Ads.

Ads within the Google Ads campaign are created using keywords related to the promoted business profile. When a user types in the business keyword, their site will appear on top of the search page. There will also be other businesses who want to use the same keywords, so the system used within Google Ads will consist of an auction.

Users will bid for certain words they want to use to promote their business through a Google Ads campaign. The higher the offer, the better the chances of appearing on a Google results page.

Until now, users have not been able to control what type of ads they see. However, things are changing. Last year, Google announced that users would be able to control which ads will be displayed when it comes to “sensitive content.” This category will include the advertising of alcoholic products and gambling services.

The change will take place in 2021, starting with the YouTube platform. However, this change will not stop the display of such ads. Instead, platform users will see fewer. Even if they choose not to see such ads, by accessing certain sites, users can be targeted again.

Although there are various ways to promote a casino business, Google Ads was a good strategy when it came to gambling marketing. Now that this method will no longer be as efficient, businesses will have to resort to organic growth strategies.

Google’s first anti-gambling policy

In 2013, Google had a very strong anti-gambling policy. For a long time, Google Play didn’t accept apps that involved gambling for real money (from online casinos to sports betting). After four years, the restrictions are lifted and now users can find different betting applications.

This significant change came with certain restrictions where online operators must meet certain criteria in order to have their app available on Google Play. The decision was welcomed in regions where physical gambling comes with a tricky legislation.

For example, countries like Canada doesn’t have many casino locations, so online gambling sites and apps are popular among casino enthusiasts. Many of these pages also offer various casino reviews and guides on how to choose a gambling platform.

These types of sites have a team that is constantly making researches and keeps up with all the adjustments in the industry, such as this one made by Google.

Even if this is not a dramatic change, it is a step forward. There may be years until users will be able to filter their ads, but until then they can rely on these variations.