5 Tips to Enhance Your YouTube Channel

By  //  February 9, 2021

Do you currently operate a YouTube channel? If so, you are far from alone. Statistics suggest more than 31 million YouTube channels on the platform now, and this number is only growing. 

While the number of creators has helped YouTube become the second most popular website globally, it does come with one caveat: it is difficult to carve out a following due to the amount of competition. Even the most specific niches feature an assortment of channels that are pumping out content regularly.

Due to this, you have to go above and beyond to stand out from the rest. For help with achieving this, here are five tips to enhance your YouTube channel.

1. Create more professional videos 

Even if you think you are producing high-quality content, there is always room for improvement. You could invest in better equipment, for instance, or look into ways to improve your filming and editing techniques.

Regarding the latter point, there are various approaches you can take. One tip could be to watch other YouTube videos for inspiration while reading a visual effects blog might also provide you with advice on enhancing your captured footage and taking it to the next level.

2. Enticing thumbnails 

The thumbnail is essentially the billboard for every video you produce. If it is boring or lacks any distinguishing features, people are not going to pay it any attention. On the other hand, a thumbnail with an eye-catching image and adds further context to the video title will entice clicks.

To produce a custom thumbnail, you do not necessarily have to use costly photo editing software like Photoshop. GIMP is a powerful photo editor and available free of charge.

3. Promote outside of YouTube 

It is important not to become transfixed with just YouTube. You also have to take steps to promote your channel via other avenues. Social media like Facebook and Twitter are a great starting point for advertising your videos. You can post a small snippet from a video, for example, to help draw people in to watch the full video on YouTube.

Don’t ignore the likes of using a blog, forums, and even starting a Twitch channel.

4. Engage with your audience 

Remember: YouTube is a social media platform. It can be easy to forget this aspect, but it demands the same sort of social interaction as found on the likes of Twitter and Instagram.

As a result, you should always encourage comments and discussion on your channel. Try and respond to as many comments as possible. Ultimately the more engagement your channel boasts, the better it will be rewarded by YouTube.

5. Go descriptive 

You have the opportunity to write a description to accompany each video. Most creators, however, usually overlook this aspect. Yet, it is a great chance to link to your website, socials, and any affiliate sites and give your audience even more useful content. You can also fit in some keywords that YouTube will appreciate.