APotforPot, a Complete Solution for Growing Cannabis 

By  //  February 1, 2021

Marijuana is the proto-typical chill-out drug. It relaxes the body and mind, dispels negative sensations like tension and pain and irons out any wrinkles of concern. If you are feeling worry or stress, you can roll one up and let those feelings melt away. This is why so many people who suffer from anxiety turn to weed, either as self-medication or a suggested treatment by their doctor.

Growing cannabis at home is difficult but not impossible for first-time pot growers. APotforPot is a complete home growing kit that educates people to grow their cannabis at home.

For instance, growing a house plant just in 80 days. The kit includes natural pesticides, and all required tools for watering, spraying, and harvesting the plant at home.

Step by step guide for growing a small weed plant

Growing a small weed plant for personal use is not that much difficult. The guide helps the beginner to grow a small weed plant and teaches the tips for improving yield to the experienced gardeners. The following steps will help to get the most out of that single plant.

Step 1- Select your location:

Firstly, it is to be remembered that cannabis can be grown either indoor or outdoor. Indoor sounds nice, but indoor growers carry a lot of responsibilities as the plant entirely depends on the grower for their survival.

Alternatively, you can grow the plant outdoor as the option is less expensive. However, growing it outdoor will make the grower worried regarding its security. Select the option wisely after comparing the pros and cons of both the available options.

Step 2- Pick a grow light:

It would be advisable that if planning to go indoor, then it’s better to grow a single plant as it doesn’t require unlimited resources.

Step 3- Imagine how to grow a small weed plant? 

Obviously, the first question that comes to mind is what you will grow the plant in? You will need a medium for it. Besides, every requirement for growing it is equally important.

The common grow medium is soil. For draining the plant well APotforPot superb soil is a great example that includes perlite.

Step 4- Nutrients are to be selected:

The end result of growing a plant depends on the nutrients provided to it. When it comes to providing nutrients APotforPot kit stands as the perfect choice. Every instruction is noted on the kit that how to grow the weed. The end-result depends on how seriously you follow them.

Step 5- Pick out what you wish to grow? 

For instance- are you interested in short or tall plants. The queries are to be answered in advance for fruitful outcomes.

Step6- Germinate your seeds:

Choose the best possible option for germinating your seeds. For generating you are required to moisten the medium, insert the seeds, and required water.

Step7- The vegetative stage:

After developing the pair of leaves, the seed enters the vegetarian stage. During this stage, plants require plenty of light.

Step8- The flowering stage:

When plants get large and bushy, it is the indication that they entered the flowering stage. The phase lasts until you harvest the mature buds.

Step9- Harvest your marijuana:

For harvesting, take some scissors from the APotforPot kit, and clip the buds off the branches on which they are attached.

To conclude, the kit allows us to grow the weed any time of the year using the power of the sun. Most popular grow kits include:

■ Mini complete pot grow kit (1/2 galloon) – Grow up to 28 Grams

■ Small complete pot grow kit (2 galloons) – Grow up to 4 ounces

■ Medium complete pot grow kit (5 galloons)- Grow up to 8 ounces

■ Large complete pot grow kit (35 galloons)- Grow up to 1 LB