Building a Killer Website – The Key to Growing Your Real Estate Business

By  //  February 9, 2021

Regardless of what kind of business you do, it’s always important to generate leads. When it comes to using your website to promote and grow your real estate operations, first impressions are everything, especially if you need a website to generate leads. 

Just take a look at the best real estate websites across the planet. You’ll see that they have the perfect balance of function, transparency, and form to convince each potential prospect they’ve hit the right corner of the internet.

Since there has never been a more appropriate time to start a real estate business than now, let’s see how some of the key features can help you grow your new operations.

Make User Journey Your Priority

The main goal of a business website is to generate leads, and to do that, you need to incorporate the proper features to grab the attention of your target audience. However, the competition is fierce, so this is going to be a challenge.

Aside from the features, your website should also provide an enjoyable user experience to allow prospects to immerse themselves in your website and feel welcomed. If they feel the urge to explore your site, you’ll have a chance to turn them into quality leads.

The best way to prioritize customer journey is to include a combination of top web design elements, high-quality images of luxury homes, top content, and easy navigation in your website. The more interactive and user-friendly your features are, the better the user experience.

Create Top-Quality Content for Your Website

You need premium content for two main reasons. First, your content allows your visitors to engage with your brand and makes them interested in your line of work.

Therefore, every aspect of your website, from domain to content, greatly matters. It helps improve your website’s rankings in search engine returns pages by appeasing search engine bots that analyze and crawl the search engines.

Aside from allowing your visitors to find your website, content also keeps them engaged by showcasing your brand as an authoritative entity in your business niche.

If your website is easy to find, fully functional, optimized for mobile, search engine-friendly, and provides relevant, up-to-date content, these are all the reasons your visitors need to realize you’re the perfect realtor for their needs.

Make Your Web Design Compelling

We live in a world of visuals, and modern consumers appreciate vivid visuals. Your website design isn’t any different. It has to be compelling enough to evoke real emotion.

Do some research on the best real estate websites to get an idea of how your website should look and feel, as it will help you determine the best design elements for your website. You can create an entire philosophy on how fonts, contrast, color, and other design elements impact the emotions of your potential prospects.

Effective Website Management

Your website can be fully functional and best-looking in the world, but it can’t run itself. You need to update it regularly and do some basic maintenance to keep things running smoothly. That’s why your real estate business needs a decent website management option.

The best way to tackle your website management is to use user experience design agencies which will include a combination of free and paid plugins and tech tools to expand your home search capabilities, make your website even more functional, and monitor your influx of leads.

Other Key Features to Include

Aside from the things we’ve mentioned, you should also consider other key features, such as having an easy-to-find domain name, proper navigation, a personal connection, responsive design, etc.

When it comes to choosing the proper domain and its importance, we talked with the CEO of, a company that allows its customers to buy and sell domain names, about the importance of having a strong and memorable domain name.

Their CEO, Jeffrey Gabriel, had this to say: “Domain brokerage is not an exact science. As such, ‘one size fits all’ approaches are sub-optimal at best. It is our standpoint that this responsibility should not be entrusted to those without both real-world sales and domain industry expertise.”.

Finally, include multiple calls to action throughout your website to allow your prospect to take immediate action if they decide to hire your services as a real estate agent.


A fully optimized and functional website is the digital face of your business operations. It is the place where you make connections and establish relationships with many potential prospects for the first time.

The moment they land on your homepage, your website should be able to grab their attention and direct your prospects further down the funnel line. Make sure your website provides an exceptional experience to every visitor, and your operations are bound to grow.