Can Cannabis Seeds Really Improve your Health?

By  //  February 16, 2021

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When it comes to thinking about cannabis, the vast majority naturally jump to thinking about recreational cannabis – and, in particular, the powerful high that marijuana is so well associated with.

As such, for us to be saying things like “cannabis is good for your health” might be a statement which draws out a few laughs or snickers. Surely not, right? How could cannabis possibly be good for our health?

Well, you might be surprised to learn that cannabis actually could have a number of beneficial effects for our health. This is especially the case for cannabis seeds, which can be, to put it bluntly, a nutritional powerhouse perfect for promoting good health and well-being.

How Cannabis Seeds Can Promote Good Health

So, you may still be a little unsure here. That’s completely understandable, in a society where we have been told for years about the dangers of cannabis.

And don’t get us wrong; irresponsible cannabis use can actually have a number of potential consequences for the user and those around them. However, responsible cannabis use and consumption can actually be good for your health.

Nutritional Benefits

There are a huge number of nutritional benefits associated with eating seeds in general, and the same can also be said for eating cannabis seeds. As well as being rich in Vitamins A, B, D and E, cannabis seeds can also offer a plentiful supply of magnesium, zinc, and iron.

These minerals are important in our diet for helping to promote numerous different functions, including boosting morale and fighting off anxiety and depression; protecting against inflammation and free radicals while boosting the immune system overall; and supporting normal oxygen transportation around the body, keeping our muscles and tissues supplied with oxygen and the minerals that they need.

But that’s not all when it comes to the nutritional benefits of choosing cannabis seeds. As with most seeds, cannabis seeds are also packed full of rich protein and omega fatty acids, both of which are important components of a healthy diet and a happy lifestyle.

Protein itself is important for a huge range of functions, including muscle repair and growth, meanwhile omega fatty acids are rapidly becoming more and more popular for their own health benefits.

As unsaturated fats, they don’t cause the same degree of negative effects that can be seen with saturated fats; instead, omega fatty acids can help to prevent high cholesterol levels in the blood, reduce inflammation levels in the body, combat arthritis and related symptoms, and potentially even help with ADHD for those individuals who suffer from the condition.

Finally, it is also worth considering how cannabis seed consumption can actually help with your overall digestion, too. In other words, not only do cannabis seeds supply minerals that your body needs to be healthy, but they can also help you when it comes to making the most from the food that you eat too.

The seeds themselves are easy to digest and the fiber content can help with digestion, meanwhile, they can also be mixed with other snacks and dishes to make things have a satisfying savory flavor.

It is pretty clear, then, that the nutritional benefits of adding a few cannabis seeds to your diet are absolutely worth shouting about! But what else? Surely the nutritional benefits of cannabis seeds aren’t the only reason as to why cannabis is good for your health?

Cardiovascular Health

Another way in which cannabis seeds can be good for your health is due to the cardiovascular benefits that they can offer. This is especially true for Arginine – a major amino acid in our body that can be found in cannabis seeds, and which is responsible for controlling many of our bodies’ natural functions such as blood pressure management, preventing blood clots, and recovering in the aftermath of cardiac arrests.

Some research has even concluded that arginine can be useful for helping with some skin conditions, too, highlighting the many benefits that this amino acid has for our health – and cannabis seeds can be a good place to source it from.

Think About What You’re Buying!

So, then, it’s fairly easy to see why cannabis seeds can be good for your health. They offer a huge number of minerals and are good for helping with cardiovascular health and improving digestion. As well as that, they also have a lovely savory flavor that many people enjoy! But, before you go rushing to buy cannabis seeds for your next snack, make sure you think about a few things first of all.

For one thing, when buying cannabis seeds, you’ll want to choose a high CBD strain of seed such as hemp seeds. These high CBD seeds have a low level of THC, which is the chemical compound that causes cannabis’ well-known psychedelic effects. Avoid high THC seeds as you could potentially still end up getting high from them, and we don’t count that (necessarily) as one of the benefits on this list!

When buying cannabis seeds, also make sure that you choose a reputable supplier. You wouldn’t want to buy seeds, only to find out you’ve been sold a product that isn’t of the quality you expected! Check out online reviews of the best cannabis seed banks before making a decision, and if you can, choose one which will also offer discreet packaging for your cannabis seed order.

Serving Suggestions

Cannabis seeds are powerful nutritional supplements, so it is highly advisable to only eat a small amount of them; about a tablespoon of cannabis seeds or so a day is enough to begin seeing the benefits that these little seeds can offer. Many people choose to serve cannabis seeds either crushed into a coarse powder, and sprinkled over yogurts or dips, or otherwise in protein shakes; however, some people also eat the seeds as they are.

However you choose to enjoy cannabis seeds, just make sure it’s in moderation and you’ll soon be seeing the health benefits for yourself as well.