Diversified Work and Creativity Sees the Rise of Naman Arora as Multi-Talented Entrepreneur

By  //  February 22, 2021

We are in an era where an individual has not restricted himself or herself with only one talent. Very few train themselves in diverse fields to what we call a master of all trades. Naman Arora is one such multitasker and a versatile entrepreneur who has showcased his talent with distinct works.

He has been contributing the best in the ever-changing world of digital media. After working in the corporate world for a few years, Arora built an empire of his own by establishing his company ‘Data Art Information Technology. The Delhi-based agency is a 360-degree company providing digital solutions to clients.

Besides being a digital expert, Naman is a creative genius as well. Not many are aware of his love for tattoos.

The versatile guy is a tattoo artist, and it was since his childhood, he was astounded to see a piece of art on a person’s skin. Naman has inked people with many beautiful art and designs, and his focus has been to portray realism through his artwork.

Moreover, the best part about his art is that he brings different cultures of the world. The majority of his tattoos have a story to tell that is not bound by any guidelines.

Well, possessing talent in two different fields is what distinguishes Naman Arora from other entrepreneurs. One thing common in both professions is his creativity. While working in digital media, Arora has very often emphasized the need for creating trends.

“Following a trend is one good thing, but creating a trend and inspiring others is an altogether different game”, quotes the entrepreneur. As far as his work in the digital domain is concerned, he is considered an expert in building strategies for brands and businesses to grow over the web.

His company offers a variety of services to its clients. Social media app development and management, network services, infrastructure, software development, web development, marketing, data classification and analysis are a few services provided by ‘Data Art Information Technology.

However, the company is widely known for creating custom software for other businesses to create a free-flow of communication with the end-user. During the coronavirus outbreak, ‘Data Art Information Technology’ played a pivotal role when working from home became a new normal. Focusing on both professions simultaneously, Naman Arora has utilized creativity to the maximum, and he is one versatile entrepreneur people can look up to.