Five Reasons to Love the FIFA Video Game Series

By  //  February 13, 2021

Let me give you a rough estimation and that’s if you ever tried to ask quite many Soccer fans about a game they’d love to play, chances are that the majority will tell you it is the FIFA Video game series. 

So, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how popular the FIFA Video gaming series had turned out to be, even without following analytical trends out there.

Because of this, I guess you might be curious to know what’s the secret behind FIFA and reasons to love it.

Well, here are five reasons for you to love the FIFA Game Series.

Because of FUT

As popular as FIFA is, the Ultimate Team is the most popular mode on it.

It offers unrivaled customization options right from the opportunity for players to develop their custom squads, give the stadiums and crowds a custom touch and feel, etc.

Volta Football

Street gaming is one great innovation on FIFA and if you’ve missed those moments when you play soccer on the streets, it is high time to consider a virtual reunion.

With a Tour on Volta, you can battle against the AI as a single-player and if you’re looking forward to playing online and across other divisions, then Volta league is what you should try.

Periodic Updates

For every year, you should expect a new FIFA update and this comes with a lot of improvements to the game.

If you have a negative impression on the current year FIFA, don’t be quick to judge because the tide may return in your favor when the next update becomes available.

All these updates are brought about with new features and most importantly to improve user experiences.


Every soccer gamer would love to experience a closed enough game to the real soccer and with FIFA, a realistic gaming experience you dream of would surely reflect in real life.

Although we aren’t contented with the current gaming experience, since the gaming industry hasn’t been in its full capacity when it comes to realism, we’ve no option but to stick to the best out there.

FIFA is the one for now and is more promising for the future as well.


Soccer fans love to be challenged, this is what creates the fun.

With FIFA, you get to complete as many challenges as you can, and you get rewarded for that.

So, whether you choose to play amongst other players online or choose to go offline, there are several challenges to keep you company.

Final Thoughts

There you go, five reasons to love the FIFA video game series.

If this had helped in shaping your perspective on FIFA, you need to know one more thing.

This is nothing but the fact that it is all about the fun, and to get the most out of FIFA, you need to be at your best potentials.

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