Gambling Capitals of the World: Biggest and Most Famous Gambling Cities

By  //  February 17, 2021

Brick-and-mortar casinos have a special thrill that pumps a surge of adrenaline in a way that online casinos have failed to replicate.

The excitement offered by these establishments is the leading reason why the industry is still alive and thriving despite having been overtaken in popularity by online casinos.

The risky pursuit of gambling goes to the next level when experienced in a casino getaway. In some metropolises, casinos are the throbbing heart of their economy.

Once you have had enough practice online, jet away to one of these destinations to enjoy a taste of luxury and an enjoyable pastime at once. Here are cities around the world with a plethora of gambling venues presented in show-stopping ways.

Las Vegas, USA

In any list of the best gambling cities, Sin City comes second to none. Vegas is most likely to spring to people’s minds when they think of a gambling city.

The metropolis is built as a tourist attraction in the middle of the Nevada Desert. Las Vegas is an adults’ playground for those that enjoy the nightlife and gambling.

Its main attraction is The Strip, which is home to 15 of the 25 largest gambling resorts in the world including:

■ MGM Grand

■ Bellagio

■ Venetian

■ The Mirage

■ Mandalay Bay

■ Caesars Palace

Although Las Vegas has taken hits due to recessions, it continues to cater to gambling fans and regular people. When you are not having fun at the tables and machines, you can enjoy other attractions such as the Hoover Dam, Park Theater, The Fountains of Bellagio, and The Mob Museum.

Macau, China

Macau is among China’s administrative regions, like Hong Kong. It has overtaken Las Vegas as the city with the highest revenue-generation from the gambling industry in recent years.

The gambling industry is responsible for 50% of the city’s economy, and it mainly consists of 33 casinos. Most of these gambling resorts are located on the Macau Peninsula while some are on Taipa Island.

Macau boasts seven of the twenty most prominent land-based gambling destinations globally including MGM Grand Macau, Casino Ponte 16, Venetian Macau, Sands Macau, and City of Dreams Resort. Many of the casinos found in Macau have sister establishments in Las Vegas.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo is romanticized in Hollywood films as the ideal luxury vacation destination, especially if you are looking to have some gambling fun. The city is located in Monaco, one of the smallest countries in the world. Nonetheless, it takes the crown as the leading gambling attraction in Europe.

The region’s wealth traces back to the nineteenth century when casinos were first established alongside the railway system. Monte Carlo offers a unique gaming culture that cannot be found elsewhere, and it is not available for chump change. The city also offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean where you can cast your eyes when you are not trying your luck in gambling dens.

Atlantic City, USA

Las Vegas tends to overshadow other ideal gambling destinations in the United States, but not Atlantic City. Although Sin City does not miss in the discussion of where to go for good gaming, Atlantic City is left out either.

This gambling metropolis may not be drawing win as big a crowd as it did during the height of its success, but it continues to be a sight to behold. The city is located in New Jersey, and it is built with gambling in mind.

It offers a thrilling gambling experience for residents of the northeast USA. Atlantic City was hit hard by the recession, which caused the decimation of its middle class’s disposable. Even so, the city remains one to visit.

Marian Bay, Singapore

Singapore is silently climbing the economic ladder with thriving industries under its belt. The gambling sector may still be in its infancy in the country, but it is quickly becoming a significant revenue-generator. A few years ago, after casinos were legalized, it came swinging with the world’s largest gambling resort, the Marina Bay Sands.

The establishment is an architectural marvel with three towers connected at the top by a sky park. Marina Bay Sands comes with 2500 rooms, an array of nightclubs, a Universal theme park, swimming pools, and other leisure activities. The country’s proximity to China makes it a beacon for wealthy gamblers who can’t exercise the pastime in their jurisdiction.

San Jose, Costa Rica

Most people do not consider Costa Rica when thinking of a gambling gem, but it ranks high as one of the best options. The capital city, San Jose, hosts more than thirty gambling dens. These establishments are famous for having fair currency conversion rates for American, European, and Canadian currencies. San Jose also has a reputation as a tropical paradise that serves as entertainment when you have had enough of the tables.

London, United Kingdom

London is a tourist attraction for numerous reasons ranging from its architecture and culture to its history and global influence. Out of the many things to enjoy in this Big Smoke, gambling is one of them.

There are more than twenty London casinos to choose from including The Ritz Club, Hippodrome Casino, Aspers Casino, and Casino at the Empire. Some of the city’s gambling clubs are exclusive about whose business they entertain, including the Ritz and Crockfords Club. These dens limit guests by putting high limits on bets. For instance, a poker game can have a 10,000-euro buy-in.

Reno, USA

Reno is one of the USA’s cities overshadowed by the grand nature of Las Vegas but is still blossoming. The metropolis is located in Nevada, and it suits gamblers looking for a smaller version of Las Vegas. It offers more than twenty gambling establishments that resemble a classic Sin City. Peppermill, Silver Legacy, Grand Sierra, and Eldorado Resort Casino are some of the entities you can visit.

Paris, France

Paris is constantly sizzling with romance and gambling activity. The city’s attractiveness as a gambling destination stems from the fact that it is not built around or famous for the activity. Online gambling may be illegal in the region, but several land-based casinos offer an artsy taste of French gambling.

Final Comments

Gambling in a risky venture that you should only embark on if you have funds that you can afford to lose. Once you do, treat yourself to any of these luxurious destinations and visit their grand casinos.