Gambling Themed Songs That Can Increase Your Online Casino Craving Even More

By  //  February 24, 2021

Indulging in gambling has been among the preferred activities of people since the inception of civilization. Hence, gambling is also used as the premise of many popular songs. Many songwriters even compared gambling with the uncertainty of human lives.

Some of them even asserted, falling in love with your beloved one is also gambling in another form. A few others dedicated their symphonies to the regality Las Vegas and its casinos.

In the following sections of the article, we have enlightened such a few songs.

Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley 

Let’s start with a classic from 1963. Viva Las Vegas is a song from a film by Presley. The song was named after the title of the film. Along with a mentionable performance by the King, the film is curved into admirers’ memory because of this song celebrating the glamour and royalty Vegas casinos contain and how much they are famous worldwide. Many renowned artists, including the Blue Brothers, ZZ Top, and The Killers, have also performed the song for their admirers.

Queen of Hearts – Juice Newton

Queen of Hearts is one of the most famous country romps from the 80s. Because of being irresistibly enticing and catchy, it was a significant hit when it was released. And even now, despite living in the twenty-first century, you will find the song as substantial as it was back then.

Queen of Hearts was covered by Juice Newton. The song resonances with the idea of being expressive about your feelings when it suggests keeping your heart on your sleeves.

Besides, while uttering that the joker is never the only fool to do anything for you, it indicates that one’s beloved can have many other options for feeling the emotions of love. It also shows that she can’t stay away from the game longer despite knowing the possibility of hurt.

However, being the best and most convenient option for wagering money on casino games, online gambling platforms comprise the precise enjoyment these songs have expressed through their lyrics. However, you can perceive the excellence only if you befriend the best online casino, entertaining players with a stretched array of games, frequent bonuses, and other offerings.

Thrift Shop – Macklemore 

Though this selection isn’t technically related to casino gambling, it showcases a person who attains an affluent lifestyle without having a wealth of affording it.

The song appeared in 2012 from Macklemore’s pocket and gained immediate popularity as this song is all about playfulness and positive vibes and is extremely appealing. This is what gamblers often need to boost their online gambling venture with positivity.

Poker Face – Lady GaGa

Listen to this song, and you will fail to comprehend that this enormous synth-pop hit was released 12 years ago. Poker Face is a song from GaGa’s first album, having a confusing meaning. However, this ambiguity has given the song the mystery it needed.

Moreover, the song talks about how having a poker face is crucial for playing the game and triumphing over it when it comes to love. This solo song having the powerful voice of GaGa is just enough to make you feel the inclination for a little fluttering.

Concluding Lines 

These songs appeared to have strong connections with truth, identifying listeners’ emotional surges and everyday life problems. They became instant hits, keeping their significance even after years of their release.

Alongside them, many new gambling-themed songs are also joining that rich song library with novel philosophical edges. Moreover, they are nothing but honey in your ears if you love to wager on online casino games.