Guidelines to Join a Medical Marijuana Wait List

By  //  February 2, 2021

As in many other states, if you want to join Veriheal’s Tennessee medical marijuana waitlist, there are certain conditions that you have to meet. Some states have more stringent rules and regulations than others. However, there are qualifying requirements that can get you an MMJ card.

You must fulfill all the requirements to get on a waitlist for a medical marijuana program or a card. Here are a few things you need to check off your list.

Know the Legislation and Restrictions

From the onset, familiarize yourself with rules and regulations regarding medical marijuana in your State. Each State has a different take on the approval process for medical marijuana use. You have to know what they are to understand what you are up against.

For instance, find out if your state allows medical marijuana to treat the condition you have. In Tennessee, for example, the law allows you to use CBD oil with less than 0.9 percent THC if you suffer from epilepsy or seizures, with the recommendation of a registered doctor.

Gather Your Medical Records

You will have to get all the medical records that are relevant to this application. Most states require you to provide a list of the medical conditions you suffer from and would be treated using medical marijuana.

This means you will have to get them signed by a qualified physician confirming and recommending the use of this treatment for your specific condition. To get legally acceptable paperwork, the physician has to work directly with your State’s Department of Health or Human Services.

Provide Proof of Residency

All the states with a medical marijuana program or policy require you to have some proof of residency. For instance, if you want to join Veriheal’s Tennessee medical marijuana waitlist, you will have to prove that you are a Tennessean.

All you require is your passport or driver’s license, and you are one step closer to joining the waitlist. Without any form of identification, proceeding from here will be impossible. You will also be required to undergo a conclusive criminal background check before getting approval.

Get a Recommendation

Consult with your doctor and ask any questions concerning medical marijuana treatment and let them evaluate you. Upon completing the consultation, your doctor will either disapprove your application or fill out a medical marijuana recommendation to approve you. Then, you can apply to the state.

Join the Wait List

After your doctor’s approval, you can proceed to register with the state and submit your application. Then, the state will notify you of your approval after considering your application and send your MMJ card via mail. Once you get your medical marijuana card in hand, you can join Veriheal’s Tennessee medical marijuana waitlist and get a notification as soon as booking appointments begin.

Remember that if you are a cardholder, an annual renewal of your license to use medical marijuana is a requirement. When your certification is fast approaching its expiry date, Veriheal will contact you to assist in setting up a renewal consultation.