How Football Fans Can Keep Their Sanity During Lockdown

By  //  February 24, 2021

It is true to say we are all praying things will return to normal, and when it comes to football matches, well we are all going to have to wait and see how things work out moving forward. 

I recently chatted to the Author of that being Doug Hirdle who informed me that during the ongoing pandemic many soccer betting sites and land based sportsbooks have been reporting a massive drop in revenue and have had to diversify into other gaming markets.

But let us face it, many of us simply want to have the pleasure of watching live football matches in person and be able to travel to watch them and make a day out of it as we once used to do.

Overseas Football Matches Slowly Returning to Normal

One way you can get your Football fix so to speak is by watching some of the many matches that are being held overseas, as more and more countries start to come out of lockdown you will certainly find plenty of matches are being aired across television networks.

Whilst of course you are not currently going to be able to visit those countries in person to watch such matches, there will soon be a time when that will be possible, however just how long that is going to take remains to be seen.

Many matches are being played across the globe without spectators being permitted into the grounds and Football stadiums, and admittedly the novel way that many TV companies have been dubbing those matches with the sound of a crowd is certainly innovative, some of those sound effects do leave a lot to be desired.

But as I continue to say, keep the faith and hang in there, for without a shadow of a doubt we will all soon find these lockdowns and the way they are restricting our day to day lives will soon be a thing of the past.

Sports Channels Re-Running Old Major Football Matches 

If you do find yourself craving football, well do keep in mind that many sports channels on television have started to re-run major football matches from years gone by.

In fact, having watches more of those matches recently than I can care to remember, it is amazing how times have changed. Watching some of the often late great footballers giving their all on the pitch via those re-run football matches is great.

Therefore, if you have been experiencing any type of mental health issues, then I can whole heartedly recommend you consider watching some of those matches, you will be amazed at the effect they can have on you.

Do also keep in mind it is important to keep fit too during a lockdown, I think many of us have piled on the pounds having been stuck at home with nothing else to do, so set aside a little bit of time to exercise, for that too can have a good effect on your overall health of course.

Keep the Faith Things Will Return to Normal

The one thing we should all concentrate our mind on is being positive, for sooner rather than later this crazy and alien place that we all find ourselves in currently will change and will change for the better.

You may be in a dark place currently, but by keeping your mind focused on the long term and knowing deep down that we will all have normality slowly thrust upon us once again will help us all make it through these dark times.

Personally, I do look forward to the day when we can all go about our business in the same way as we once did and are free to start pencilling in dates in our diary when we can attend live Football matches once again, safe in the knowledge that it will only be the weather that will ultimately determine whether those sporting events go ahead or not.