How Luxury Recreational Vehicles Will Change Your Travels Forever

By  //  February 1, 2021

Traveling on the open road is as American as apple pie and baseball. The road trip is something distinct to our cultural DNA, and the ability to travel coast to coast by car is one of those things that give feelings of nostalgia like few others.

Whether it is childhood memories of traveling cross country to visit distant family, or the thought of that first college road trip, over road travel has a unique emotional connection for most people.

One thing that doesn’t have a positive emotional response for most people is the roadside motel. While motels are tied directly into that road trip culture (their na me is a diminutive of the motor hotel), most motels have not done a fantastic job of updating with the times.

Modern motels may offer some of the conveniences we have come to expect, like free wifi, but at the end of the day, even the nicest of them are never as comfortable as you might hope. About the time you get relaxed, you get awakened to the sound of your fellow travelers coming in and getting settled.

Sleeping in a roadside motel has other shortcomings. For one thing, you have to trust that the room was cleaned appropriately because bedbugs and flu viruses can both hang around until you check in a few hours after the last guests.

Another issue with roadside accommodations is the surprise factor. While surprises may be pleasant on your family vacation, that usually means something like, “look at this amazing restaurant we did not know existed!” It does not mean “I didn’t expect the bed to be this hard!”

Luxury RVs Eliminate Unpleasant Surprises

Most people can relate to the challenges of finding great roadside accommodations that will make your vacation nights as pleasant as the days. What if you could avoid all those issues by taking the comforts of home on the road with you?

With a luxury recreational vehicle, you eliminate all of those unpleasant surprises. Luxury RVs let you take your mobile home on the road with you.

With a luxury RV, you know what your bed will feel like, and you can make sure the bedding is precise as you like. If you want a soft or firm mattress, a down comforter, or memory foam pillows, your bed is perfect for you every night.

If you are traveling with your RV, you know it will be clean and ready for your family whenever you want it to be. You are no longer bound by check-in or check-out times.

A luxury RV will have self-contained hot water heating and storage, so if you want to shower or a nap at noon on your first or last day of traveling, you can. All you need is a comfortable place to park, and you are ready to go until you can check in to your actual campsite.

RV traveling means that you aren’t scrambling to make sure no one left any electronics or shoes under the bed when you are ready to move on. You are doing your road safety check and heading out.

Another one of those unknowns on the road is what to eat. You might find a perfect meal, but there will likely be places where you would instead not stop. With an RV, you can cook your meals on those days and save the adventure for something other than the quality of pancakes that the diner serves.

To summarize, with a luxury RV, you can rest safe knowing that no matter what the day brings on your road trip, your nights will be comfortable and relaxing!