How Online Casinos Draw Inspiration from the Big Screen

By  //  February 10, 2021

Going to the cinema or watching a good movie home has been the number one choice of entertainment for many people in the last few decades.

The big screen and amazing sounds of the movie theatre or the home cinema system make you forget about the outside world and you can feel like one of the characters.

Using movie themes have been a thing for a while in brick-and-mortar and online casinos alike. In this article, we are discussing with Daniel Bennet, a Canadian iGaming expert, how casinos draw inspiration from movies and TV shows. You can read more about Daniel.

Movie Slot Games Online

When you play at a, you will certainly find lots of slot games that are based on movies, TV series, video games and TV shows. It is easy to search for a game with a particular movie. You just type in the name of the movie and if there is a slot version it should come up in the search results.


When slots are based on movies it will usually be blockbusters. Rocky has been used in really many slot games and so has the Terminator, Jurassic Park, King Kong and other action genre titles.

This brings benefits to both industries. Fans of Rocky will happily play a game that features the famous boxer while younger audiences can get familiar with the legend of the 80s movies.

Typically, famous images of the movie will be the scatters and wilds in the game. Movie symbolism for example, in Jurassic-Park-themed games comes in images of different dinosaurs or of John Hammond, Alan Grant or Ian Malcolm.

TV series

TV series are just as popular as movies in the world of slots. People who are hooked on series such as the Vikings or Narcos will be happy to see images of their favourite characters while engaging in the game.

History channel’s Viking series has been a big hit. While playing the Vikings game the players are transported to the dark times of these warriors. The music, the images and the eeriness give the game a special feel.

Older TV series are also popular with gamblers who grew up watching Dallas or The A-Team. These games are not going anywhere and give a refreshing variety to superheroes, fruit symbols and Egyptian images so prevalent among slots.

There are also games designed to appeal to the LGBTQ community. Slots featuring the L Word and The Ellen Show can be found both online and in land-based casinos.

Video games

Video game-themed slots are among the most popular ones as video slots and video games have been in close relations for decades. Console gaming classics like Tomb Raider, Street Fighter and Resident Evil are all on offer and new hot video games are likely to be made in slot versions.

The first video gamers are now in their thirties and forties and many of them are still playing video-games so as the demographics of gamers change, video game themed slot varieties are for a wider audience as well. A bit of slots treatment will add excitement to the normal video gameplay as serious cash can be won with these one-armed robbers.

Sports entertainment

Famous sports events are also displayed in the slot games selection of casinos. MMA lovers, as well as soccer or football fans, will find dozens of games to play with. Collect Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo Messi wilds in one game and select the MMA legend you want to play within the next.

If ice-hockey is your thing you will be happy to know that in some ice hockey slot games you can select Canada as your home team and play against the US, Finland or Sweden.


The cool thing about slots is that there are so many of them. If you are a movie fan chances are you will find your favourite characters on some slot game reels. Pleasing younger and older audiences alike there is a game for anyone and everyone.