How Parent Counseling is Stepping up to Improve Children’s Mental Health

By  //  February 1, 2021

The world around us is a scary place. Every day we encounter stressful situations. Adults can handle stressful situations better than children. It is common for children to face mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. The W.H.O. states that: in the world, 10-20 % of children go through mental disorders. 

Parents are the primary caregivers of a child. They need to understand a child and their needs. They can play a role in improving their child’s mental health. Experts insist parents have positive attention towards their child. It makes the child feel safe and heard. It also gives them a sense of security and helps them to make the homes their haven.

Child’s Mental Health – Importance 

Mental health is as important as physical health. When the mind is tired and sick, it is not able to function. The brain is a powerful organ; it affects the outlook of our lives. A healthy mind encourages positive thinking, acquiring new skills, and social growth.

Mental health is critical for the development of children and young adults. Parents tend to focus on their child’s physical development. Unfortunately, they often forget about their child’s mental needs.

Children brought up with all their physical and mental needs catered to grow up to be content adults. They are strong enough to face anything the world throws at them. They grow up, unlocking their full potential, and prove to be successful in life.

On the other hand, the children whose mental needs get neglected often found themselves in self-doubt. They are not able to do well in life. They are inclined to go through life with a black cloud above their head.

Mental health does not only affect a child’s personality and perception of life. It also affects their physical health. For example, a child being bullied by his peers for being overweight.

The child, because of bullying, will feel sad and may start starving himself. He will lose weight initially, but he might endanger his life as well. Many young adults and children tend to develop obesophobia, which is the fear of gaining weight.

What Can Parents Do? 

As a parent, you want the best for your child. You want to make them have a comfortable and successful life. However, as rewarding as parenting is, it is not a walk in the park. Every person in the world is different. Similarly, all your children are not the same.

They all are going to be different, and one parenting style will not fit them all. There are a lot of ways you can understand your child. For example, If you want to be an expert yourself, the human development and family studies online degree can help you gain insight into human psychology and physiology. In this way, you can understand your family dynamics and your child’s behaviors more keenly.

If you decide that a degree is not your cup of tea, you can ask the professionals for their help. The psychologists offer parents counseling. Parent counseling helps the parent understand their family dynamics. It provides you with solutions to introduce harmony and balance in your family. It also assists you in helping your child cope up with stress.

What is Parent Counseling? 

Parent Counseling provides an unbiased opinion of your family. It provides guidance and support to the parents to help them take better care of their children.

There are different modes of parental counseling. Some professionals prefer to guide the parent through role-play and other activities. In contrast, some professionals like to listen to their parents. A counselor may change their preferred mode for different parents.

A counselor helps the parents to solve their problems. When a person can understand their inner conflicts, they can handle other issues. It enables the parents to make their home a safe space for themselves and their children. It also helps them understand their parenting styles and the other different styles they can opt for too.

Your psychologist or your family doctor can refer you to a counselor, or you may find the need for them yourself. Whatever the case be, a counselor will have multiple sessions with you. You won’t be able to see progress after only one session. It will take time to see the positive results.

How It Can Improve The Child Mental Health: 

The ultimate goal of parent counseling is to help the parents take better care of their children. Here are ways that parent counseling can help improve the child mental health:

Help Resolve Marital Problem:

Parents sometimes fight. It is natural for two people to live together and occasionally fight. On the contrary, it is unnatural for a couple to fight all the time. There can be many reasons for the fights ranging from petty things like making the bed to significant issues such as financial issues.

In a household where the parents fight all the time, the child’s mental health will deteriorate. However, if the parents have friendly relations, they will be able to effectively focus on their child. Parent counselors help you to resolve problems between the couple so they can live happily.

Helps Dealing With Loss:

It is hard for any person to deal with a loss. When we are not able to deal with loss properly, we tend to avoid our responsibilities. Parent counselor helps the parents to deal with the loss in a better manner. When the parents deal with their loss, they do not neglect their children and burden them with responsibilities.

Help Better Communicate With The Child: 

There are a lot of reasons why children are afraid to talk to their parents. A counselor can help a parent become a friend to their child. When a child can open up to their parents, they feel valued and safe. They are less likely to get into trouble.

Helps cope up with Ill health:

If a parent is suffering from a disease, they may not always have the energy to be the primary caregiver. There will be days where they won’t be able to get out of bed. Counselors can help the parents as well as the child to understand their situation. They can also help you to come up with a solution that works for your family.

The final words:

When a child is born, the parents have immense pressure to be perfect. You get advice from everyone on how to bring about your child. Parents often forget that they are humans,  and they are not perfect.

Most parents don’t want to seek help because it makes them feel that they failed. We want you to know that you did not fail. You are the perfect parents for your child, and a counselor will only help you polish your parenting skills.