How to Choose Men’s Wedding Shoes?

By  //  February 27, 2021

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Wedding is a special moment in every man’s life. To look chic and elegant during this remarkable day, take care of the right style. Find out what kind of men’s shoes is best to wear to the wedding ceremony.

Choosing the perfect men’s shoes for the wedding depends not only on the outfit of the young couple, but also on the convention of the ceremony. Modern trends allow many bold combinations that can shock and surprise or refer to the classic and proven solutions.

A breath of modernity 

If you are a fan of glamorous style, you will certainly enjoy elegant and luxurious outfits dominated by black and white. In this case, it is worth choosing a tuxedo, which will add both glamour and sophistication to your outfit.

This distinctive evening outfit is the perfect choice for men who like modern fashion, but do not want to look pretentious. The classic tuxedo consists of a dark jacket and pants – sometimes the outfit is complemented by a vest.

Black Oxford shoes, preferably made of glossy patent leather, will be the best choice for this combination. Such a duo is a perfect blend of classics with the avant-garde, the style which even James Bond would not be ashamed of.

Tuxedos are usually available in dark colors, such as: black, anthracite, strong navy blue. Slightly bolder men may be tempted to wear a white outfit, which will be perfect for a wedding organized in the summer or outdoors.

However, regardless of the color of the tuxedo you choose, always opt for men’s black formal shoes. Groom’s shoes should be modest and simple in form.

Avoid accessories, decorations and fancy stitching. Look for subtlety and minimalism. Wedding Oxford shoes should have rounded toes and a very low heel. The most interesting models of men’s shoes can be found in the offer of Marc Nolan.

Classic and sensual

Deciding on a traditional ceremony, which will be dominated by white or cream colors and classic wedding decorations, the groom should bet on a formal suit, e.g. in deep navy blue. In contrast, it is worth choosing a white shirt and a glen plaid vest.

Derby shoes will look great with this combination. This model is a classic in a modern edition and is distinguished by simple but very elegant design. As far as colors are concerned, choose a classic black – it will add a lot of elegance and sensuality to your outfit.

Less obvious, but a very interesting option, is to wear moccasins to the wedding. Unfortunately, not all models will compose well, so in order to avoid a fashion mistake, choose styles without accessories, such as fringes, thongs and decorative buckles.

Moccasins are the perfect choice for a wedding organized in the summer months. This model of men’s shoes is very light and comfortable to wear. A classic suit should be matched with shoes made of natural leather, in subdued colors, e.g. black, brown, or in shades of burgundy.

Country style back in fashion

The fashion for country style is coming back, also in the wedding industry. Therefore, weddings organized in this convention are becoming more and more popular. This can be seen not only in the decorations and accessories but also in the styles of the bride and groom. How to present yourself well in rustic scenery?

First of all, take care of the appropriate color scheme of clothing. Weddings inspired by the folk climate are distinguished by a large amount of wood, pastel colors and references to nature. That is why the groom’s outfit should also be delicate and subdued.

For a light suit (e.g. in blue, ash or beige) choose a shirt made of natural fabric (e.g. linen) and men’s brogue shoes. Although black shoes are always recommended for formal events, this time choose different shades of brown: cognac, burgundy, chocolate, caramel or mahogany.

Men’s loafers perfectly complement the rustic style. These are extremely comfortable models, which are perfect for dancing. Therefore, loafers are a good solution not only for the groom but also for the wedding guests, who like to party till dawn.

Similarly, as in the case of brogues, the best choice will be shoes in brown or beige colors, made of natural or suede leather. It is worth opting for a minimalist design, which will go well with the simple design of the suit.