How to Make Millions on Instagram in 2021

By  //  February 8, 2021

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From being just a photo-sharing app to becoming the most popular social media platform in the world, Instagram is a force in itself. 

The social media giant has more than 700 million users and over 95 million post uploads daily. And this isn’t even the best part! Instagram has become a source of income for many users across the world. The success and popularity of this platform have turned many people into millionaires.

While making millions off Instagram is a reality, it can’t be achieved just by posting a bunch of fun photos and videos on the app.  The whole process requires research, consistency, and patience. A great beginning for your millionaire journey would be to use Leoboost to buy Instagram likes.

This is because your audience will be able to trust your page more if they see that you have an impressive number of likes. Besides, posts with more likes also end up getting more attention on Instagram’s explore page.

Read along to know how you can become an Instagram millionaire simply by using the app strategically.

Work on Your Instagram Feed 

The first thing your visitors will notice is your Instagram feed which includes your bio, stories, and posts. To start with, make sure your bio succinctly describes what you stand for, and don’t forget to add your website link along.

When it comes to your stories, make sure they’re not only attractive but will also engage your audience and make you get more likes. It’s important to make sure that the images and videos you post are of high quality and convey your brand’s message with clarity.

It’s also important to note that over-promotion of your brand may turn your audience away from you. To avoid this, you can post 20% promotional content and 80% other content that indirectly reflects your brand. For example, posting facts, quotes, videos, or other trivia that engages your audience can help increase likes, followers and engagement.

Build a Following 

To advertise on your Instagram page, you will have to have more than 10k followers.

If you’re only just starting, it’s only natural to have a small following. However, a large number of followers tend to build a trust factor among your audience. For this purpose, you can always rely on companies like Leoboost who help brands with gaining genuine likes and following in no time!

Alongside buying your followers, you can continue working on attracting followers organically through several methods like Instagram contests, giveaways, advertisements, etc. Before starting with this process, it’s important that you determine your niche market.

It’s important to perform thorough hashtag research to make sure your content reaches a large number of your target customers. Another great way to attract more followers includes running contests or previewing any of your upcoming events, according to SNS-Growth.

Amp Up Your Engagement Game 

While an increasing number of likes is great for your brand, it’s equally important to drive home quality engagement. The important metrics that help track your engagement include profile visits, likes, comments, views, saved posts, website clicks, reach, and impressions.

By using the app’s Insights feature, you can easily observe and improve upon your engagement. Here are a few ways in which you can ace your engagement game:

■ Make sure you post the content that wins in your insights. For this purpose, you can maintain a content calendar that will help you schedule timely post uploads.

■ Be social with your followers by appropriately responding to their comments, messages, or story reposts.

■ Choose an engaging caption and use the right hashtags.

■ Tag other brands or influencers on your posts if you think your brand could be of any interest to them. This gives you a chance to gain more followers if the brands or influencers you’ve chosen share your content.

■ Keep up with Instagram trends.

■ Use Instagram stories to engage with your followers, share behind the scenes videos of your brand, or go live for one-on-one interaction with them.


Once your page starts to grow, you can start influencing your followers. To advertise on your Instagram page, you will have to have more than 10k followers. This is because brands usually choose to work with pages that have a bigger following.

If you want brands to advertise on your now well-established Instagram page, you can reach out to the brands who sell the products that are in line with your niche. If they agree to advertise on your page, you can then charge them accordingly.

If you want help determining how much you want to charge for advertisements, you can simply contact similar Instagram pages and ask them what they charge for similar advertisements.

Once your page grows in popularity, you can start expecting brands to approach you for promoting them on your page. This is one of the biggest and most important steps towards becoming an Instagram millionaire.

Start Your Online Store 

The smartest and most logical thing to do once your page has a decent following is to start your online store!

Having your online store that sells products suiting your niche audience makes way for a steady income stream through Instagram. The best part about it is that you don’t have to shell out money for ads or approach other pages for advertising. Instead, you can advertise on your own page, directly to your own followers for free!

Since Instagram is a social platform, it is important that you promote your products in a personal manner. Instead of using overly formal digital marketing strategies, you can make your Instagram marketing fun by posting your personal pictures or behind the scenes videos and buying likes and views for them.

This will make your audience like you more and relate to you better, which in itself is a great marketing strategy.

To Conclude

It’s understood that nobody can become an Instagram millionaire in just a few days. What matters are the marketing strategies you put into action and the quality and consistency of your content.

It’s also important to stay patient throughout the whole process. Now that you know what it takes to makes millions through your Instagram account, it’s time to grab your phone and start working on it right away!