Is a Home Warranty Plan Necessary for Florida Homeowners?

By  //  February 13, 2021

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In some parts of the country, home sales are somewhat slow, but in Florida, the market is booming. Whether you currently have a home in Florida as your primary residence, a vacation getaway, or a rental, or you plan to purchase one, there’s something you shouldn’t go without: a home warranty.

Even a cheap home warranty plan is better than no plan at all. However, just because you don’t spend a fortune for extra protection doesn’t mean a plan is bad.

An Investment Worth Making

Even with a cheap home warranty plan, you still have good protection for appliances and systems throughout your house. That includes your washing machine and dryer, kitchen appliances, air conditioner, home security system, and more.

A home warranty also covers some services. For example, if you have a sewer or water backup in the basement and have to hire a plumber, you can go through the warranty company rather than file a claim through your homeowner’s insurance.

While the latter is an option, filing too many claims could put you at risk for paying higher premiums or having the insurer drop you as a policyholder.

Should every Florida homeowner have a home warranty plan? The answer is a resounding yes. Without this type of coverage, you could spend a lot of money unnecessarily. Take your washing machine as an example. If it breaks, but it’s repairable, you would pay only the service fee to have a professional do the job.

Keep in mind that warranty companies have an assortment of plans. Regardless, you’d first pay an annual fee. Depending on the company you choose, that typically ranges from $300 to $600. Then on top of that is the service fee. This, too, varies based on the plan. Usually, this fee is between $36 and $150 for each time you make a service call.

You know how it is when something breaks or stops working, another thing quickly follows. Shortly after your washing machine quits running, the dishwasher springs a leak, which is then followed by the garbage disposal going out. However, if the same expert can fix or replace all three items, you’d pay just one service call. That saves you a lot of money.

Outstanding Service and Support

Another nice aspect of a cheap home warranty plan for your Florida property is that you don’t have to spend valuable time trying to find a qualified person to handle the job.

Rather, the warranty company will provide you with a list of certified or licensed experts specific to the appliance or system. So, not only will you save money but also time, not to mention frustration.

Today, reputable companies offer cheap home warranty plans knowing that homeowners are often on a tight budget, yet they don’t want to compromise quality. Therefore, most have several unique options. You’d simply look at the one that best matches your criteria or ask a representative for assistance. It’s that easy.