Is Tongkat Ali Powder the Answer to Your COVID-19 Problems in the Bedroom?

By  //  February 4, 2021

A new study has shown that there are several long-term complications related to the COVID-19 infection and male reproductive health. Tongkat Ali Powder is a powerful herbal supplement that has multiple health benefits, but one of the biggest benefits is that it can be a remedy for erectile dysfunction.

This herbal remedy, which is also called Eurycoma longifolia, can also help other reproductive health issues that men experienced as a result of contracting COVID-19.

Is Tongkat Ali Powder the Answer to Your COVID-19 Problems in the Bedroom?

We know that COVID-19 has severe long-lasting health consequences, but most of the research has been done on the heart, kidneys, and lungs. Now, it’s coming out that the virus is having that same lasting impact on male fertility and the ability to get an erection.

There are four specific ways in which the virus has damaged male reproductive health even months after recovery, but Tongkat Ali Powder can be the life changing remedy you’ve been looking for.

How COVID-19 has Impaired Men in the Bedroom 

Causes Long-Term Erectile Dysfunction 

COVID-19 has been shown to cause erectile dysfunction in men long after recovering from the virus. The thought is that COVID-19 causes inflammation, which is a contributing factor leading to erectile dysfunction.

Inflammation is known to damage the heart and lungs, but this study is showing that the inflammation is causing poor blood flow to the penis. Tongkat Ali Powder is one of the best herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction and it works quickly to give you the boost you need to have a firm and continuous erection.

Targets the Male Reproductive Organs

COVID-19 also targets the male reproductive organs such as the testis. This is because there are several ACE2 receptors within the testis. It’s been confirmed that the virus enters the cells in the body through ACE2 receptors.

If the virus enters the male reproductive organs through these ACE2 receptors, then there’s a chance of either permanent or temporary tissue damage.

Interferes with Sperm & Sex Hormone Levels 

Men are at risk if they contract COVID-19 due to the virus negatively impacting sperm production and also interfering with sex hormone levels. Testosterone levels will be low, which affects sperm as well as the ability to get an erection.

Testosterone is vital to libido, mental health, and also is required for muscles. Your body must maintain a certain amount to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

COVID-19 Causes Stress 

Stress is going to have a huge impact on male reproductive health and it also negatively affects fertility. Not only could fertility be damaged by tissue damage and lower testosterone levels, but stress can also lead to infertility.

How Does Tongkat Ali Powder Cure Male Reproductive Issues? 

Will Cure Erectile Dysfunction & Softness 

There have been numerous studies, including one published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, which looked at the effects of Extract of Eurycoma longifolia for the Improvement of Quality of Life and Sexual Well-Being.

The study involved 109 men and it found that not only did Tongkat Ali Power give the men an erection, but it increased motility of sperm, improved libido, and increased the volume of semen.

Tongkat Ali Powder Improves Fertility

One of the best herbal supplements to improve male fertility is Tongkat Ali Powder. A study, Eurycoma longifolia Jack in managing idiopathic male infertility, showed great results with 75 men.

These men were infertile and the results showed that the supplement helped sperm concentration as well as quality and motility. Tongkat Ali also increased the volume of the semen, which helped improve fertility.

Boosts Testosterone

There have been numerous studies that have shown Tongkat Ali Powder will boost testosterone levels, which improves erections as well as sperm motility and libido.

Testosterone is one of the major sex hormones that men need to have optimal reproductive health and sex organs. It’s also a hormone that can help you build strength and muscle. Taking just 200mg to 300mg of this supplement daily can significantly improve your testosterone to pre-COVID levels.

Decrease Stress

Tongkat Ali is also an herbal remedy that helps decrease stress and anxiety. Instead of having to take prescription medication with nasty side effects, it’s better to take this supplement since it doesn’t have negative side effects.

Cortisol is the stress hormone that’s responsible for making us gain weight and Tongkat Ali Powder decreases cortisol levels quite well. This supplement also will decrease confusion, anger, tension, aggression, and other stress-related feelings.