Old Entertainment, But Not as You Know it: Brevard County’s New State of Play

By  //  February 3, 2021

While new technologies continue to develop brand new forms of entertainment that are increasingly complex and in-depth, sometimes it’s the old forms of entertainment that are called for. However, that’s not to say that these more storied entertainment mediums haven’t adapted to embrace new ways of appealing to audiences.

In Brevard County, there are several increasingly popular examples of traditional entertainment offerings coming in a new form. Primarily driven by the internet and access granted by new tech, it’s the draw of much-loved, traditional activities, but in a new, often more convenient, package.

Is the new bingo catching on?

There are over ten bingo halls across Brevard County, which alone proves the enduring popularity of the social lottery game. People will meet up with friends, turn up to weekend events, and see if they can dab their numbers before anyone else. Being so socially accepted, bingo halls have earned a unique place in the public eye where other forms of gambling haven’t, but the game has still managed to expand and adapt.

Now, bingo has fully integrated itself online and used the digital space to grow its offering, which is proving to be very popular across various countries including the US and the UK.

As Sue Dawson from Best New Bingo Sites explains:

“Online bingo is huge in the UK, although it’s a bit different to offline bingo as the numbers are daubed automatically. Players join in the games and chat from all devices, including smartphones – it’s like having a bingo hall in your pocket!”

The benefits of online bingo haven’t escaped the eyes of Brevard County thrill-seekers, either. As is the case across the Atlantic, more and more Floridians are discovering the vast choices of themes and bonuses, the flexibility of play, and the convenience of joining rooms wherever you can get an internet connection.

It’s not just bingo making itself available online

As a form of entertainment, the game of bingo naturally lends itself to the online space due to how digital applications can randomize results and platforms can host thousands of players.

For several other traditional forms of entertainment, however, the move to digital has been a necessity. As shown by The New Statesman, local newspapers have declined significantly in recent years.

However, many have been able to survive and even reach wider audiences by pivoting to web-based journalism, as we have done here at Space Coast Daily. While the experience of sifting through the pages of a newspaper and reading on a screen is different, for the most part, an online publication offers everything that a print does.

Where the shift is most evident is when it comes to live entertainment experiences, but even some of these venues have been able to expand to present an online offering.

Brevard Zoo has been keen to deliver the experience of seeing and learning about the world’s wildlife to people who are unable to visit for years.

Now, the zoo has perfected the system, using its social media platforms as a way to connect people to the animals, such as with Turtle Time on Facebook Live, which takes followers behind the scenes of their Healing Center.

The traditional ways of having fun in Brevard County are still going strong; only now people have the option of conveniently enjoying the entertainment from home or while on the go.