The Best Gaming Apps for the Person on the Go

By  //  February 18, 2021

When it comes to gaming on your mobile these days, we’re blessed with a wealth of opportunities. It makes gaming on the go better than ever, with all manner of games to suit a variety of interests and a variety of schedules.

Whether it be five minutes on the train to work, or full sessions at home on the sofa, the app stores really do have everything.

For those who are looking for gaming on the go, then knowing when to start can be tough! You only have a finite amount of time to make the most of your gaming, frequent bursts of a game is what you need. But what games are most suited to this?


Bingo apps are perfect for this, and especially for the person who enjoys gaming on their journey for work. Bingo apps offer a range of games with different game times. Games such as 75-ball bingo or slingo bingo last just a few minutes, and what’s more you can even win some large prizes too.

As well as this, bingo is also scientifically proven to boost cognitive skills, boosting reaction times and concentration as players mark off their card. There are plenty of bingo apps on the market, many of which are completely tried and trusted by millions around the world.

Scratch cards

For even quicker wins, then scratch cards could be for you. They offer instant wins and take just a few seconds to play. There are a variety of online scratch cards apps these days with a range of different jackpots, themes and buy-ins, so there really is something for everyone.

They are simple to play and only require players to virtually scratch off the foil on the cards for you to be in with a chance of winning.

Football Manager  

For the soccer fans out there, Football Manager is a great game to dip in and out of and can be played on the go or for longer sessions. The game sees players take the role as manager for a soccer team and control that team to glory, taking control of tactics, transfers and more.

The game is highly addictive, so be warned, but with games taking around a minute to play it is perfect for five minutes on the bus, or hours upon end at home, on the sofa. It’s the best on the go game for sports fans and one we’d thoroughly recommend.


Another game which can be enjoyed over longer spells or for a few minutes here and there is Homescapes. Designed by Playrix, the game is all about redesigning an old mansion by completing a series of puzzles. It’s almost half interior design, half puzzler with the games taking no more than a few minutes to play.

There are a number of different puzzles which you must navigate your way through, and they are perfect for easing your mind and kicking back before a day at work.