The Increasing Importance of Medical Alert Devices During the COVID-19 Era

By  //  February 16, 2021

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We live in scary times. The world has been battling a pandemic for the best part of a year and though we are starting to get nearer to the light at the end of the tunnel, we’re not quite there yet. 

COVID-19 has hit hard worldwide and in the US the death toll has been monumental, especially within the elderly community and now more than ever, medical alert devices can act as a first point of contact for those in dire need.

We’d like to always be there when our loved ones are in trouble but frankly that isn’t always possible. Work, life and other demands will always compete for attention and this will leave others without the constant supervision they should receive.

Medical devices of all types provide users with the independence they deserve and the security and safety you want for them.

A Growing Market

The medical alert device industry was already experiencing significant growth before we were hit by the coronavirus and that growth has increased further still and industry experts predict the sector will be worth over $17 billion by 2027.

Players in the market come from all over the world though the US is leading the way in some areas of the sector.

Perhaps there’s little surprise in such growth given the aging nature of the world’s population, where increased life expectancy will clearly lead to further interest in medical alerts.

That aging population is also as active as ever and as such a large portion of the elderly community doesn’t necessarily reside in a care facility and as such it’s harder to be sure of their well-being.

Over 16% of the American population is over the age of 65, that represents one in every seven in the country, and this demographic is growing. While the health of those in this age bracket is also improving dramatically it doesn’t mean that accidents and incidents can’t happen.

By 2050 that percentage is expected to reach 22% so this alone can go some way to explaining the growth in the market. However, it’s worth noting that the benefits of the medical alert device options are there for all, not just relatives of those who may be using one.

A medical alert device offers the users who wish to live their lives without constant personal supervision the option to perhaps live at home rather than in a seniors facility, and as such the benefits of using one can be a bonus for all parties.

Ever Expanding Options

There are a host of options when it comes to medical alert devices and we’d suggest you visit this site to see just what’s available out there.

The different options available include, but are not solely limited to, the following.

A home base unit, this takes the form of a stationary system that is connected to a secondary unit that is worn or held by the user. This creates a tracking mechanism and offers an individual the possibility of raising an alarm, perhaps after a fall.

Additionally there are mobile units that use GPS to track a wearer of a medical alert device, this helps family members stay aware of the location of a relative or friend who requires assistance.

The medical alert device can itself be an unobtrusive item. A watch or a pendant, sometimes a bracelet, all easily worn and in a good point of access for the person who has them on their person.

Troubling Times

These devices offer users, and their families and friends, peace of mind when it comes to monitoring those who are in need. They’ve been used for the best part of 40 years, in some form or another, but as technology has improved so have the capabilities offered by the relevant units that are offered.

The growth of the market has led to the number of companies offering medical alert devices growing exponentially and this has led to a decrease in cost as well as an increase in quality as these industry leaders seek to earn your business.

This means that even in these troubling times you can be sure just how your loved ones are coping, even if you are not nearby to take care of them you can still be sure they are being looked after.