The Right Corporate Use of Prints and Banners During the Pandemic 

By  //  February 18, 2021

Looking back at the last year, as the Coronavirus pandemic took the world by storm, we realize that it’s made us have to confront problems head on at a moment’s notice.

And now, as establishments are able to resume operations with the new normal in mind, and vaccines are being administered, businesses worldwide are continuing to deploy some preventive measures and awareness campaigns to help stop the spread of the virus.

With millions of cases worldwide and increasing as I write this article, it is the best time we make use of some accessible resources to create emergency awareness essentials in offices and storefronts via prints & banners.

Printable Supplies You Can Use for Indoor Coronavirus Awareness Campaigns

COVID-19 Awareness Posters 

Suppose you are the HR of the company or a business owner. In that case, sticking an A3 sized awareness poster near water coolers, office walls, and washroom doors can impart knowledge to your employees.

You can also place A2 sized posters on common areas, including cafeterias, canteens, outside office doors, and even on the office windows. You can edit the templates centered on your needs. You can add preventive measures and other important information to customize the verbiage to your business.

Stickers for Awareness 

There are smaller stickers available that are perfect to be placed inside the bathroom. Placing a few awareness stickers near washbasins would be smart, don’t you think? You can place such stickers inside the elevators so that people can read those while waiting to reach their floor.

Your stickers carry messages to remind your employees to wash their hands often or to use hand sanitizer as necessary by placing such stickers on office desks.

Table Tents

Tent cards are visually smaller in size, but they can hold a lot more information than you’d think. Tent cards can be placed on tables and are appropriate for reception desks, restaurants, hotels, and corporate offices. You can also place them on your employee’s desks.


Banners are often used as one of the most effective and largest advertising materials. At this cautionary time, you can use large banners to create pervasive awareness to a larger audience.

You can hang such banners outside your office building and can even place them on trees. It is a smart way to convert an outdoor marketing strategy to establish awareness about the coronavirus outbreak.

Retractable Banner Stands

The use of retractable banner stands is reducing as events and trade shows worldwide have all been postponed. You can instead implement retractable banner stands to spread awareness about coronavirus. Again, you get a larger surface area, and it can be a strong source of information if you use the space effectively.

You can place the stand inside and outside your office buildings. But ensure that you place them in the right place so that everyone can see and read them easily.


Flyers are another classic advertising tool that you can use to create and spread awareness about the coronavirus and preventive measures. You can distribute such flyers to your employees and even in healthcare facilities.

But remember, you must take preventative measures and cut human contact while distributing flyers. You can simply place those flyers in common areas where employees can pick one each.

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