The World of Cryptocurrency and Its Celebrity-Connect

By  //  February 19, 2021

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Cryptocurrency in its initial years was totally alien to almost everybody interested in trading. One of the main drawbacks – it was difficult for most people to comprehend the entire idea of a new digital currency coming into being.

They needed to understand it before investing in it. But quite recently, with the help of a growing network of internet, and digitalization all over the world, more and more people are showing interest in trading cryptocurrencies via

Today, what we have for you, is a shortlist of celebrities into cryptocurrencies, but let us first see why so many people are preferring cryptocurrency lately.

What is it that the new-age digital currency is spreading faster than forest fire? What are some of the key points that have helped cryptocurrency emerge as one of the most discussed things in recent years? Let us find out.

Some interesting facts about Cryptocurrency

It is a kind of currency that is not governed by a centralized authority. In a transaction, only the sender and receiver of the currency are involved without the interference of any third party.

It has the potential to bring back huge returns in favor of your investment.

The blockchain network indeed acts as a default security feature where it is difficult to bypass transparency during transactions.

Currency exchange got smoother and easier. Along with that, cryptocurrency makes large transactions hassle-free.
No delay in transactions, since a bank is not involved.

Having said the above, we have a basic idea of why Cryptocurrency is coming off as a promising option, with the potential of slowly taking over the conventional idea of money, in the future. For people with both money and good fortune, the thrill of trading in crypto, is something very new and different, resulting in a different experience altogether. Sign up to bitqz to learn more about crypto trading.

Here is a list of 4 celebrities who have invested in various cryptocurrencies and are exploring this sector with interest

Bill Gates

Once the richest person in the world, Bill Gates is very well known for financial investments. He had previously shown an avid interest in Bitcoin and had also gifted himself one on his birthday. He acknowledged how cryptocurrency can get really cheap at times, hinting at buying investments and selling them off at a suitable time, in the future. In an interview, he also mentioned how it is convenient to deal with large transactions over cryptocurrency.

Snoop Dogg

This famous American rapper and his relationship with Cryptocurrency is not only old, but it is still going pretty strong. He is in a collaboration with a leading crypto-app called Ripple and also attends talk shows, a recent one being the XRP Community Night blockchain party. In 2013, when cryptocurrency was still not a hot cake, Snoop wanted to sell his album record called ‘X’ for bitcoins. He could actually sell each album for 0.3 BTC, back then. You might want to imagine the huge profit he earned, given that the price of Bitcoins have skyrocketed in the recent past.

Mike Tyson 

Tyson had rightly predicted the havoc that cryptocurrency might have raised. Most people invested in Bitcoins or other currencies, but what Tyson did was really a farsighted plan. He produced Bitcoin ATMs and branded it with his signature face tattoo. He also partnered with the leading crypto-company called Bitcoin Direct to come up with a new bitcoin wallet, styled in a similar way to that of the ATMs he previously branded.

Madonna Louise Ciccone

Commonly referred to as the Queen of Pop, Madonna utilizes cryptocurrency for a just cause. She uses all of it for donation purposes. Her NGO called ‘Raising Malawi’ helps orphaned Malawi children by raising funds for them. This collection is carried out through Cryptocurrencies, along with the partnership of Ripple, a crypto-trading company, that stood up for the cause.

Not only do these celebrities influence the common folk, but they also make them further aware of the entire cryptocurrency business. Today, along with celebrities, many commoners are investing in Cryptocurrency and getting a fair share of returns as well.