What You Need to Know About Online Dating

By  //  February 13, 2021

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Now that the new generation seems to veer away from old traditional ways and the society continues to modernize on the technological end, these allow single people to explore all possible methods in finding their potential partners.

And what is the easiest and fastest way right now? Well, that will be online dating.

Having online dating websites and applications easy to access makes finding your one true love literally at the tip of your fingers.  Not to mention that you have hundreds of people that you can choose from —  plenty of fishes in the sea!

Either you are looking for a long-term serious relationship or just somebody you can have some casual fling with, you can find one in just a matter of minutes, and you do not even have to stand up from your couch.

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If you are new in the online dating community and want to know if this is something you want to try out, we suggest that you keep reading. This article will discuss every single thing you need to know about it — from the current dating trends up to its pros and cons and what you should do to have a successful search for love.

Online Dating in the 21st Century

If you want to know more about how online dating started, we should flashback way before the 21st century. During the 1960s, the internet was invented. Over the years that it was being developed and softwares were being programmed, it has effectively connected people.

It was not until the 80s did several individuals have grown interested in purchasing their own computers and connecting to the internet.

And during this time, people got sick of getting set up by their friends with other singles, and they tried meeting people online for relationships. In 1995, Match.com launched — the first-ever online dating website — and the rest was history.

Fast forward to today, several dating websites and apps later, and online dating has become a norm for young adults and adults. According to statistics, more than 300 million users worldwide have accessed an online dating platform in 2020 that it became the most preferred way of meeting potential partners for many.

And this number is just expected to grow even more in the next years. Pew Research Center says that according to their studies, 12% of Americans found someone to be in a committed relationship with or get married to.

These numbers should be looking good for you. Either you want something serious or not, as long as you are 100% willing to take the risk, then, trying out online dating should be no problem.

To help you whether this is the next best relationship move for you and if this is your first time trying it out, here are the pros and cons of online dating.

The Pros and Cons of Online Dating

■ Pros 

There are a lot of people you can choose from

The more users, the higher the chance you get to meet someone you really like. 

Very easy to access

All you need to do is sit down, relax, and open your device. Sign up for an account and enter your details. And voila! You can now be connected to other people looking for partners.

You can be connected with your match immediately.

Dating websites have a platform where you can chat easily with your matches. Once you get a match, either you chat them, or they chat you first. All you have to do now is keep the flow moving so you can get to know each other better.

You know that you have the same interests.

Because of the algorithm used by these sites, they match people who have the same interests or who are like-minded. They base these from your answers from when you signed up.

You both are in the lookout for a partner.

Since you both are on the website, you know that both of you are available and looking for someone.

■ Cons

There are a lot of people you can choose from

Notice how this factor was also a pro? Having many people in the platform that you can match with can also pose a threat. You might end up enjoy keep on looking that you fail to really connect with someone that has the potential to be a real-life partner.

You could heavily rely on photos.

People who are conventionally physically attractive have a significant advantage in dating sites. Although many us say that we do not care about attractiveness, online dating platforms highlight more on their users’ appearance.

Some people are not who they say they are

Unfortunately, some users are just there to trick others — they use other people’s photos to attract matches or those who do not disclose who they truly are.

This is a massive disadvantage on dating websites with limited space or avenues where users can share anything about them and those that do not verify their users. Everyone who tries online platforms is highly encouraged to be careful and take extra precautions not to get victimized.

How to find the right online dating site?

Obviously, go online.

Start by searching for websites that are available in your country. Your safety starts here so look for those that are reliable. Although a lot of online dating services are free, some websites require payments. Consider how committed you are in this, and if you are willing to spend money on it.

Look into the different types of dating websites.

It will help you narrow down your choices if you just eliminate those that do not apply to you. Most sites are for the general public, but some are for people looking for specificities. There are re online dating websites for straight people, and there are also for the members of the LGBTQIA+, etc.

Ask your friends.

You may not want to be set up by your friend, but you can always ask them about their preferred dating website. Another data from Pew Research Center states that 3 out of 10 Americans have tried online dating, so, chances are you know someone who has been in one already. Ask them about their experience, if they were successful in matching with someone they like, and if they would recommend the site.

Always check for reviews.

Search the dating website that you are interested in and read the users’ reviews. From that, you will be able to gauge the kind of service they provide. If you are looking for reliable reviews about online dating websites, go to this link lovenet-jp.com.


There are thousands of websites that provide online dating services in the entire world. You have to find the one you are comfortable using, and you feel secure in, out of all your choices.

All you need to do is spend time researching and looking for the best online dating website for you. Trust us; once you are done with that, you just have to sign up and start swiping and scrolling through your choices.